Tasmania’s chief executive Nick Cummins takes pride in state’s female cricket program

Tasmania’s chief executive Nick Cummins takes pride in the state’s female program in cricket.

Nick Cummins - Cricket Tasmania
Nick Cummins – Cricket Tasmania (hobarthurricanes.com.au)

Cricket Tasmania’s chief executive Nick Cummins took pride in the state’s cricket program for its female players. He counted the improvement in women’s game in the state as one of the proudest achievements as he stepped down from his role at Cricket Tasmania.

Cummins who joined the side in 2017 recalls how the initial 18 months were difficult as they had to undergo a change in agenda. But he also adds that the last 18 months have been an absolute pleasure. Now when both the men’s Tigers and Hurricanes program are enjoying success and the organization is doing well, he feels it’s a bittersweet moment for him to walk away.

As reported by Alex Fair of The Advocate, Cummins said that he was really proud of the women’s program and is happy to the results now. “Despite where we sit in the WBBL, we are very different from when I arrived as we players who have represented Australia who are playing for Tasmania and the WNCL team is doing really awesome, and that is probably my proudest achievement as I think that was the area where I thought there was the most opportunity to improve and we are really starting to see some of those results,” Cummins said to theadvocate.com.au.

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During Cummins’ time in charge, Tasmania has enjoyed many cricketing successes with Test cricket coming back to the state and the female program doing well. The highlight was the recruitment drive this summer which saw the likes of Nicola Carey, Belinda Vakarewa, Tayla Vlaeminck, and Maisy Gibson.

Nick Cummins will be succeeded by Dominic Baker who is former AFL Tasmania chairman while Cummins moves into a role with Cricket Victoria.

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