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About Female Cricket 

Female Cricket was Founded by Vishal Yadav with the objective of building a platform that would talk, spread, share and celebrate the journey of our female cricketers around the world. The FIRST and ONLY platform dedicated to our women cricketers, Female Cricket aims to raise the profile of our women cricketers by sharing their stories, acknowledging their hard work, dedication and by inspiring more and more girls to take up cricket. We aim to inspire more young female talents through our platform by helping them with the required information, resources, and skills.

Vishal Yadav with Jhulan Goswami
Vishal Yadav with Jhulan Goswami

Launched on 6th February 2016, Female Cricket has achieved several milestones and in the process has inspired many young talents to nurture and pursue their cricket dreams. We take pride in our strong community of 100,000+ female cricket enthusiasts, including fans and followers with whom we have connected through different channels in the past 1 year.

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As we continue to expand and spread our love for Female Cricket, we invite you to join us in the beautiful initiative. Let us together build the biggest female cricket community and inspire more and more girls to play and excel in cricket.


About Female Cricket Academy
Girls at Female Cricket Academy helping each other grow

What are the challenges faced by female cricketers today?

* Well, for starters, parents do not let their daughters play sports to prevent distractions from their studies.Female Cricket logo
* Female cricket enthusiasts have a tough time reaching out to female cricket clubs near their locality.
* Lack of female cricket coaches, grounds and infrastructure are simply adding to the turmoil.

We know that there are enough talented female cricketers who want to pursue their dream of playing cricket, and who just want to stick to the game for the love of it. Unfortunately, most of them are having a difficult time doing so.

We found out that the lack of knowledge and awareness was one of the major causes that were proving to be an obstacle to the overall female cricket community.

To overcome this obstacle, we founded FemaleCricket.com

Our platform gives women and cricket followers all over the world access to live and latest happenings along with the most relevant and important resources needed to develop their game.

Our vision?

We want to make FemaleCricket.com a platform that enriches and encourages female cricketers across the globe to take up cricket and share and promote this beautiful game.

This will positively impact the ecosystem by raising the profile of women’s cricket internationally. We envision FemaleCricket.com as a platform that revolves around 3 basic goals:

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1. Promoting, highlighting and sharing news, cricket stories, and articles from our brave women who have made it big in the sport through sheer determination.
2. Celebrating cricket memories and inspiring young enthusiasts to become a part of this positive, healthy ecosystem.
3. Delivering quality and relevant resources required to nurture one’s game.

Challenges that we are addressing?

We believe that our female cricket ecosystem is full of talents and opportunities, but lack of exposure, awareness has done more harm than anything else to this sport.

We, through FemaleCricket.com, want to unveil these hidden talents, nurture them and turn them into rising stars and the next generation’s role models. To further this vision of ours, we have started our cricket academy exclusively for girls. At the moment, the academy has only one branch in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park. We intend to have more such centers in other parts of India.

Female Cricket Academy
Female Cricket Academy

To know more about this academy, visit Female Cricket Academy. You can also watch our Youtube Video here. If you own cricket ground and would like to partner with us, feel free to write back on [email protected]

Other challenges that we wish to address:

* There are not enough cricket matches for women.
* There’s not enough dedicated female cricket clubs.
* There’s not enough awareness about female cricket.
* There’s not enough motivation at the grass-root levels for female cricket.
* Parents aren’t supportive since they are clueless about female cricket and the opportunities that it can offer.

Through this initiative, we wish to share and celebrate the positives in the community by highlighting women’s involvement in cricket and the difference they make to our society.

About Female Cricket

One of the core objectives of our upcoming events and tournaments is to create awareness about women’s social and practical issues, such as domestic violence, lack of education and health practices.

We believe that cricket can be used as an essential medium to drive positive awareness and throw away these aforementioned negative elements from society.

Our mission?

Our mission is to make FemaleCricket.com a one-stop solution for all the needs of a female cricketer, right from the standard sports equipment to cricket coaches, to cricket matches and sponsorship for deserving talents. In this endeavor, we have partnered with a UK based NGO that sponsors us with cricket equipment every year. We have already distributed cricket gears in 6 cricket clubs across Mumbai, India and shall continue to help the underprivileged, needy and talented cricketers. Read here:

Who can join us in this initiative?

Anybody and everybody who holds a similar vision as we do is welcome to join us in this initiative.

  • If you are a young girl and excited to start cricket, but doesn’t have gears to play cricket, get in touch with us.
  • If you are a female cricket follower and have a topic to discuss and explore, get in touch with us. You can post it on our Facebook Group here.
  • If you are an aspiring cricketer but don’t know where to start from, write to us.
  • If you are a sports manufacturer and looking to establish your brand identity, we would be more than happy to collaborate with you.
  • If you are a writer, storyteller, videographer/photographer, aspiring journalist and has a keen interest in women’s cricket, we would love to have you on board.
  • If you are already a cricket player, why not tell us your inspiring story.
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Let us together spread and celebrate women’s cricket.

If interested, you can write to us at [email protected]

Our Team

Mr. Vishal Yadav (Founder & CEO)

A die-hard cricket fan based in Mumbai who grew up watching the greats like Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni wanted to pursue career in cricket journalism. After interacting and interviewing over 100+ national cricketers from over 90+ cricket playing countries around the world, he met with a sad reality, a reality that sparked an idea, a revolution. Vishal realized that women’s cricket is equally popular, especially in Associate and Affiliate ICC nations, but nobody was talking about it. India, where cricket is not just a sport, but religion too had a huge disparity between men and women’s cricket. Vishal wanted to bridge this gap and this led to the foundation of “Female Cricket” to channelize his love, passion, and emotions for the game of women’s cricket.

Vishal Yadav with Smriti Mandhana
Vishal Yadav with Smriti Mandhana

Mr. Sharad Shriyan (CTO)

A huge Rahul Dravid fan, an ardent follower of test-cricket, and an engineer by qualification, Sharad grew up watching the best years of cricket in the 2000s. He also developed a habit of reading cricket articles and that has helped him analyze the game better. Sharad took up engineering and soon developed deep interests in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. But, that didn’t affect his love for the game. Sharad now uses his technical expertise in designing and developing web and mobile-based products at Female Cricket.

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