Jemimah Rodrigues and Suzie Bates backs innovation related to shorter pitches and smaller balls

Cricket has been on the lips for a while. The pandemic has made fans talk of the game more as live-action is just a dream in June when we write the update.

Changes have been an essential part of Cricketing history and fans will recall the role of MCC. Marylebone Cricket Club has shaped the game as we know nowadays. With legends like Kerry Packer and minds like Lalit Modi, cricket was born many times with a new shape. Alike all other entities, changes are permanent in life and Cricket as well.

A call for change came from a few senior players in female cricket. Jemimah Rodrigues and New Zealand skipper Sophie Devins have recently opened up on new changes that can fuel the popularity of female Cricket. The conversation was a part of the ICC 100% Webinar. It was meditated by Aussie commentator Mel Jones.


Jemimah Rodrigues and Suzie Bates talks innovation in women's Cricket
Jemimah Rodrigues and Suzie Bates talks about innovation in women’s Cricket. Pic Credits:


Smaller balls alongside smaller pitches were a few of the proposals discussed by the players. There was also a chat on super-subs. There were questions from the fans as well which were timely read by Mel Jones. Devin suggested reducing the size of the ball. As per a release from ICC, she said: “It’s always good to have a little trial and error and see what works. I’m probably a big fan of looking at a smaller ball, but keeping the pitch the same size, where I think pacers are going to be able to bowl quicker, spinners are going be able to turn the ball more. Hopefully, the ball should fly a bit further as well whereas still keeping the traditional length of the pitch.”

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Jemimah, on other hand, was more open on smaller pitches and said that: “But, yeah, I mean, we can also be open to (a shorter pitch), try it out. If that is going to help the game improve and take it to the next level, then why not? You know, kind of get a thought to it, think about it, because at the end of it, we want to promote the game. We want to get more people to watch the game and more people to even join the game. So, yeah, I think it is a good idea. I think, you know, you can be open to it.”

Moreover, apart from these changes, the players also talked about the significance of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games for women’s cricket. Jemimah revealed that it was her dream to receive a medal at a multidisciplinary event. Devine added that the feeling of being at the games village would be extraordinary.

According to “100% Cricket provides a platform to celebrate the women’s game and bring everything fans love about the sport to life. The ICC’s pledge to bring 1 million new women and girls to the game, as part of 100% Cricket will be delivered in partnership with Members”.

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