ICC Launches a Web Series titled 100% Cricket to Celebrate Women’s Cricket

Lockdown has been hard for sporting fraternity. The fans miss the action on the field and players miss their routine. Football has started with Bundesliga but cricket is not an offering in the near future. Cricket has seen an unprecedented pause. Players and media have collectively worked to keep fans entertained and make them closer to the personal and the off-field sides of the stars.

ICC has not been far from the trend. Recently, the apex cricketing body has initiated web series celebrating women’s cricket. “100% Cricket Leading the game” is launched by ICC in an attempt to bring together leaders from sporting fraternity and businesses to cherish the women and their cricket. The cricketing body adds that the series highlights their emphasis on women’s game after the successful completion of the ICC Women’s World Cup.

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As per the reports, the series will feature personalities from cricket and businesses to share practice and even look for newer ways to take the women’s game to new heights at both national as well as local level. The Chief executive officer of ICC further highlighted that the game has got momentum and importantly the foundation for them and the players to work upon. He says that “As a part of that we have now launched 100% Cricket – Leading the Game webinar series, to bring the sport together so we can collectively fulfill our ambition of bringing one million new women and girls to the game of cricket. We have some excellent contributors lined up from not only the global cricket family but from sport and technology sectors to share their experiences, learnings, and best practice”.

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Australia Women's Cricket team
Australia Women’s Cricket team. Pic Credits: ICC/Getty Images


There is a need for the cricketing fraternity to stay connected and work together for the betterment and growth of women’s Cricket. The title of the first webinar was 100% leadership. It had names like Clare Connor who heads the women’s cricket for ECB. She was interestingly joined by Katie Sadlier who is the general manager of women’s rugby in world rugby. Sawhney was also part of the webinar. Connor wished that the episode is received warmly by people and they all could share their views on challenges and solutions to these unprecedented times.

She said that “We have built such exciting momentum behind women’s cricket – a crowd of 86,174 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the ICC Women’s World T20 Cup final being the most recent evidence of that – and we should not be knocked off course by this pandemic. If anything, we should remain even more steadfast in our ambition for cricket to be a gender-balanced sport”.


The highest attendance for a women's sporting event in Australia.
The highest attendance for a women’s sporting event in Australia. Pic Credits: ICC


ICC too received warm gestures for bringing members of global cricketing community together in tough times. Hopefully, with innovations like this, there would be a minimal hindrance to the spread of women’s cricket. The second installment of the webinar will be “100% performance”. Moreover, there would be a total of 6 episodes in the series.

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