Shorter Pitches and Smaller Balls in consideration for Women’s Game

Lockdown has had a massive impact on Cricket. Alike all other sporting events globally, Cricket suffered the pause too and recovery isn’t a reality in the near future. This lockdown has given players a needed break and fans are occupied with the Instagram lives and the interviews. As days have passed, more players have given their suggestions for the game.


Shorter Pitch and Smaller Balls
Shorter Pitch and Smaller Balls for Women’s Cricket


Recently, Geoffrey Boycott landed in trouble with his words. Nicola Carey has now emerged as one of the proponents of smaller and lighter balls in women’s cricket. She believes that the inclusion of lighter balls might enhance “power-hitting” in the game. It is interesting to note that recently Indian better Jemimah Rodrigues and New Zealand skipper Sophie Devine spoke at length of changes that might help female cricket going forward.

Jemimah Rodrigues T20 World Cup 2020
Jemimah Rodrigues in T20 World Cup 2020. Pic Credits: Getty Images

In the “ICC 100% Innovation” webinar, they suggested shorter pitches, smaller balls to increase the reach and popularity of women’s cricket. It is important to note that the current regulations mandate that balls in women’s game shall be fractionally smaller and lighter than the regular leather in men’s game.

As per a report in, the ex-Aussie skipper said that “(Women’s cricket) is in a pretty good spot at the moment, but I suppose there’s always room for improvement. If people come up with cool ideas and they’ve got a bit of merit behind them and you’ve trialed them and they work, then why not?”.

She seemed heartened as players and ambassadors of the game are opening up and discussing changes and alternative ways to enrich the game. Devine had earlier proposed reducing the size of balls for women cricket. She added that it could help pacers get a bit more pace and spins can grip the ball better. Moreover, the lighter ball can fly more as well. Jemimah, on the other hand, said she was open to the shortening of the pitches.

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Sophie Devine. Pic Credits: Getty Images
Sophie Devine. Pic Credits: Getty Images

Nicola was skeptical of having a shorter pitch as pacers, according to her, would be hard to face. Nonetheless, she was happy with the proposal of altering the physical condition of the ball. Female Cricket has gained a lot of eyes lately. With the successful completion of the world cup in Australia, the momentum seems to have shifted. There are talks among former players and experts that this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There is an opportunity on the door to get the game in the heart of the masses. These changes are worth considerations in the current twenty-20 era.

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