MCC backs Women’s T20 Commonwealth Games bid for 2022 in Birmingham

MCC Backs Inclusion of Women’s Cricket In 2022 Commonwealth

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) World Cricket Committee, has unanimously backed the inclusion of women’s T20 competition in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The committee consisted of the legendary spinner Shane Warne said that this addition will portray the dynamic nature of the sports.

MCC backs Women's T20 Commonwealth Games bid for 2022 in Birmingham

Shane Warne said, “It’s a hugely exciting time for women’s cricket after two great World Cups in two years and it’s up to the cricket world and Commonwealth Games Federation to build on that momentum and bring cricket into multi-sport games.”

He further added, “What’s more, including women’s T20 in the Commonwealth Games will demonstrate that the sport of cricket is inclusive, dynamic and with plenty of opportunities for growth.”

Another member of the committee, former New Zealand women’s captain Suzie Bates said, “Multi-sport events like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics attract and inspire a different audience, so it’s an enormous opportunity for women’s cricket to win new fans, as well as being a chance for the Commonwealth Games to build on one of their core values – equality – and create more opportunities for female athletes.”

The chairman of MCC World Cricket committee, Mike Gatting said, “I’m proud our committee members are so firmly behind the inclusion of women’s T20 at the next Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.”

The next edition of the Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham. Cricket was last time a part of Commonwealth in 1998. This time a final decision on the same is expected from the Commonwealth Games Federation by September 2019. 

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