Highest Payouts Ever Made By New Zealand Players At Online Casinos

As a result of the profound changes brought about by the electronic era, you may now gamble at casinos in New Zealand without leaving your home thanks to bookies and other gambling options that can be accessed right within the reach of your hands.

So, gamblers can wager while lounging on their sofas in comfortable clothes and have access to various gambling websites to start a game. Engaging casino games at your own residence has the potential to make you instantly a multimillionaire. However, getting it isn’t simple. It needs great luck and wise gambling to reach your goal. We’ve asked John Gold of BetPokies to give us the details.


Is It Realistic To Earn Significant Sums Of Money When Gambling Online?

You probably have reservations regarding playing at gambling websites if you have not experienced this. A lot of people will express worries concerning their security, yet some people don’t think anybody wins such activities.

You should indeed be aware that some individuals have previously achieved success in playing real money casinos digitally. The largest gambling wins have occasionally occurred online. 

As a matter of fact, the response to the question of whether you can possibly win a sizable sum playing casino gambling is yes. But all will rely heavily on your abilities and good luck. Increasing your odds of earning is the finest action you could be doing.

What Would Huge Win Means at Online Casinos?

Each New Zealand player fantasizes about winning the big prize and getting a sizable payout. However, what does a casino’s huge win actually mean? The response is based on the specific game users would like to enjoy.

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The typical parameters that are listed below give a notion of what constitutes significant rewards for various games.

Casino Games Parameter
Blackjack Winning 10 times your initial investment in blackjack could be seen as a substantial payout. For instance, a NZ$100 wager results in a NZ$1,000 profit.
Pokies A huge win at actual cash slot machines would be 100 times the bet placed for a typical victory or a prize of NZ$1,000 or more. Understandably, certain pokies have rewards of 100,000x and recurring jackpots worth millions of New Zealand dollars.
Craps A huge victory in a round of craps is when your initial bankroll is multiplied by 10.
Video Poker Earning 1,000 credit points, considering it’s on a 5-credit bet, or a bonanza of NZ$500 or more would be considered a significant video poker prize.
Baccarat A huge payout in baccarat would’ve been equal to double your initial investment.

New Zealand’s Largest Online Casino Winnings



Raviri Pow, a New Zealander, amassed NZ$10,150,000 in wealth after winning the lottery in 2016. It was the highest payout ever recorded in his country. 

He was fortunate since June improved his life and helped him become a millionaire. When gambling for merely NZ$10, this person stated to have searched for the best websites on social forums.

Highest Winnings Ever Recorded All Over the World

  1. British player Jonathon Haywood October 2015 had a fantastic year winning a prize of over €18,000,000 (NZ$34,500,000). From Crewe, Lancashire, this British Army soldier chose to play Mega Moolah at the Betway online casino. He made a little bit of £30 and won the prize at £0.25 per play shortly after. He stated that part of his winnings will be used for the medication of his sick father.
  2. A Canadian player named Marcus Goodwin opted to engage in his preferred pokies on a Saturday afternoon break. The player was astonished by the whopping amount of a little more than $11,500,000 (NZ$ 17,800,000) payout in November 2016. The betting community is aware that he dedicated several hours at YakoCasino turning the reels of the renowned Mega Moolah slot game by Microgaming.
  3. Another notable winner is a player going by the pseudonym DP. For the person who struck it rich in 2016, it was a successful year. An unknown gamer with the aforementioned initials managed to earn $8,820,000 (NZ$13,650,000) throughout the course of the summer. He used an iPad to join Zodiac Casino, wherein he played his preferred Mega Moolah Mobile game and won a Powerball jackpot. According to insiders, the player made a million dollars while gambling at a low stake of £1 per spin by utilizing the 80 free spins bonus
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To sum up, enjoying online gambling games might help you win massively. You must be aware of the games that are worthwhile. It’s a fallacy that nobody ever profits big when they gamble digitally. In addition, engage with online casinos that abide by Zealand gambling laws for your protection. Try your luck, you may be the next millionaire in the making!

Gambling can be addictive and a destructive habit. If you or your loved one is suffering from a gambling problem, kindly seek help by calling the Gambling Helpline: 0800 654 655.

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