What is Rarioverse – Let’s understand Cricket NFT Platform Rario

There’s a lot happening in the digital ecosystem with NFTs being in the news every now and then. They’re being minted, and traded across different platforms. A very similar platform exists for all the cricket fans out there.

An ecosystem where fans interact with each other, trade, and own a piece of cricketing history? That’s the Rarioverse, a digital ecosystem of cricket fandom. For the first time ever, fans now have a dedicated platform to not just engage with other fans, but actually buy, sell, trade and play to win NFTs of your favourite player.


What is Rarioverse - Let's understand Cricket NFT Platform Rario
What is Rarioverse – Let’s understand Cricket NFT Platform Rario


As NFT holders, fanatics will be able to get a chance to meet their heroes, and get access to match tickets. And finally, as collectors, you can level up your timeless collection.

Rario Packs

Access to NFTs of your favourite players or moments is through 2 simple ways. Firstly, the pack drops. Rario packs feature the best moments from the history of these leagues all curated to be owned by you. These moments have been clubbed into different tiers depending on the quality of play, the stature of the players and its importance in the context of the match.

Each pack contains a mix of 4–5 NFTs of silver, gold and black cards. These cards, identifiable through their names, convey the rarity of the said card. For example, silver is the most accessible and black is the hardest to get. These NFTs are assigned badges depending upon the superiority of the moment, i.e., the bigger the moment, the more the badges. Some of the Rario badges include Bamboozled, Hall of Fame, Game changer and Powerhit. New NFTs can be obtained through these packs. When these packs go live (or as we say in the Rarioverse- are dropped), they can be bought using a credit/debit card. Once a pack is purchased, the user can virtually ‘rip it open’ to reveal what they’ve gotten.

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Rario Marketplace

The second way to own NFTs is through the marketplace. The Rario Marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell your Rario cards to build up your collection of favourite moments from cricket history or own the complete set of cards of your favourite players. The Rario Marketplace is for the traders. Users buy the packs and list cards in the marketplace as per their convenience.

How big is Rario?

Rario is the world’s first officially licensed cricket NFT Platform which provides the fans with an exciting opportunity to savor certain moments in cricket. A lot of star cricketers, former and current, have already launched their own NFT collection. As far as Rario is concerned, the platform has joined hands with the likes of Zaheer Khan, Faf du Plessis, Smriti Mandhana, Shakib Al Hasan and Shafali Verma.
Rario has also partnered with different cricket leagues around the world like Legends League Cricket, Caribbean Premier League, Abu Dhabi T10 and Lanka Premier League.

Through Rario, fans can own digital cricket collectibles of Rario partner cricketers and own some of the most sensational moments which took place in the different cricket leagues around the globe. For example, if you want to own the moment of Andre Russell smashing a huge six in CPL, you can search for it on the Rario Marketplace and purchase it or you can buy a collection of Andre Russell’s sixes in CPL as a pack.

Now all of this is just the beginning of something cool! These cricket NFTs will be an entry ticket to the Rario Club. This club provides Rario NFT owners with a chance to meet and play with their favourite cricketers. Further, they can also win merchandise, and game tickets of their favourite players. These club members will get a chance to participate in the Rario Premier League in the coming future. Rario is your place to show your cricket fandom!

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What are you waiting for? Sign up on rario.com and become a part of the community!

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