How many Groups are there in ICC Women’s U19 World Cup 2023?

With exactly 10 days to go for the elusive ICC Women’s U19 World Cup that is slated to kickstart on 14th January and we have 16 teams participating in the marquee event spread across 4 groups and each side in their group plays each other once.

ICC Women's U19 T20 World Cup Trophy Launched. PC: ICC
ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup Trophy Launched. PC: ICC


The top three teams from each group advance to the Super Six League stage, where qualifying teams from Group A will face two qualifying teams from Group D and qualifying teams from Group B will face two qualifying teams from Group C. The top two teams from each of the Super Six Leagues will advance to the semi-finals, with the final scheduled for January 29, 2023.

How many Groups are there in ICC Women's U19 World Cup 2023?
How many Groups are there in ICC Women’s U19 World Cup 2023?


Along with the hosts South Africa, the following nations also automatically qualified for the competition were Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. As the only team from the Americas region allowed to compete, the United States also qualified automatically. Indonesia, Rwanda, Scotland, and the UAE all gained qualification for the last four spots through regional qualification competitions.

Let’s have a look at the Groups for the U19 Women’s World Cup!

Group A – Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United States of America

Group A comprises the likes of Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the USA. This group has heavyweights Australia and with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the group looks formidable with some very interesting encounters on the cards. The USA is another team that certainly cannot be taken lightly as they boast of several players who have played in the senior team and in the Fairbreak Global event so they reek of experience and present themselves as tough competitors and cannot be taken lightly.

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Group B- England, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda

Group B has England, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. This group has a heavyweight in the form of England and Pakistan also presents itself as a tough contender. Rwanda and Zimbabwe, the cross-country rivals are interesting additions to the group. Rwanda in specific has had quite the journey to remember as they won the African Qualifiers and this will be the first time they qualified for an ICC World cup tournament at any level so they will certainly be looking to make a mark.

Group C- Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand, West Indies

Group C boasts the likes of Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand and the West Indies. This group has the heavyweight in the form of New Zealand which has some very talented players who have played a lot of domestic cricket and some even have senior team experience so they are a team to watch out for. Ireland also is a strong outfit and with West Indies forms a solid group with exciting matches. Indonesia is another team that is an interesting addition to this group as they won the three-match series against Papua New Guinea to qualify from the region groups after winning the East Asia-Pacific group and in their first appearance at any level in a World Cup will be hoping to showcase their talent to the world.

Group D- India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Scotland

Group D has hosts South Africa, India, UAE and Scotland. India and South Africa can definitely be top contenders in the group but with the likes of UAE who won the Asia Qualifier also joining the mix, we can strap our seatbelts for some enthralling encounters. Scotland too can laud themselves for making it to the World Cup on the back of some exceptional performances in the Europe Qualifier and winning the three-match series against the Netherlands 3-0

All in all, the groups of the ICC U19 Women’s World Cup boast quality teams who are itching to play and showcase some top-notch cricket and we as fans cannot wait to see all that is in store!

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The 16 teams are divided into groups of four as below:

Group A: Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and USA

Group B: England, Pakistan, Rwanda and Zimbabwe

Group C: Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand and West Indies

Group D: India, Scotland, South Africa and the UAE

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