15-year-old Geetika Kodali heads to Scotland for ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier

The American Women’s team heads to Scotland for the International Cricket Council Women’s World Cup Qualifier as they have been successful in defeating Canada in the Americas Regional Finals. Joining the team is Geetika Kodali of San Ramon who was part of the squad when they faced Canada in the International Cricket Council Women’s Qualifier America’s in Florida.

Geetika Kodali USA Cricketer
Geetika Kodali – USA Cricketer. Pic Credits

At 15 years old Kodali is the youngest to join the squad. “I was very happy and excited and when I met the team. I thought because I was the youngest and I wouldn’t fit in, but they are really nice. I am just proud and ready to see what we could go together,” said the young protégé as quoted by Melissa Pixcar.

She went to talk about how she fell in love with the sport,”I realized that cricket was my favorite sport when I saw all of the components of cricket. Then you get into strategies and you learn that it is played in two places. Up here (points to head) and physically too. It is how much hard time and work that you put into it and it was what you are going to get out of it. I feel like I am representing the USA and the whole Bay Area.”

Clint Copeland, the one who has been coaching Kodali since 4 years now was quoted saying, “Anything that we share with her she immediately picks up and if she doesn’t get it, she will work really hard to make sure that she gets it right.”

Clint expressed the feeling of the people of San Ramon just right by saying, “This definitely is a community event. We are all here in San Ramon yelling and shouting for her and the entire team. GO USA!”

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We wish all the luck to the youngster and the entire team. The ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier ends this weekend.

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