Cricket Betting on IPL Live: Crickex – Top Reasons to Choose

Crickex and IPL Live Betting


Crickex is one of the most reliable cricket betting websites for IPL live betting. In fact, the features Crickex offers are extremely impressive. The quick pace of transactions, live betting, safe and secure accounts, and many more such features make Crickex an impressive betting platform. Moreover, the license from Curacao Gaming Commission also makes it a trustworthy online sports betting platform among others.

Below we are going to discuss those key features in detail that bring a lot of bettors to the websites and applications of Crickex.

1.   Device Compatibility


Let us assume that you are betting on an IPL live cricket match. When you open a website or cricket betting application, you find a compatibility issue. Which makes it difficult to place bets.

Crickex has no such issue. In fact, the mobile version of the Crickex application does not even demand excessive requirements. With storage in a few megabytes and a moderate operating system which you can find easily in most mobile phones nowadays, you can run Crickex and place your bets on cricket matches and tournaments like the Indian premier league.

2.   Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the unique features of cricket. In fact, not many of the cricket betting exchanges provide you the IPL live streaming. Imagine witnessing live streaming of cricket and betting on those odds simultaneously. It is definitely one of a kind experience for all bettors.

Moreover, the feature keeps you updated about the match and helps you make the decision about placing the bets.

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3. Easy deposit and withdrawals

Let’s get into the analysis of another feature. Mostly in countries like India and Bangladesh, the focus on cricket betting is quite high. The Crickex does provide the facility of depositing as well as withdrawing money in the very same currency. Crickex makes financial transactions extremely easy as well as instant too. As one need not worry about converting US dollars into INR.

3.   24/7 custom support service


There are times when you do cricket betting through an online betting exchange and suddenly the bets get stuck. Moreover, there are fair chances of delay in your transaction. In addition, there might be times when you deposit money in your Crickex account but it does not reflect in it.

Thus, in those cases, you can always contact the customer support service. Customer Service is available 24 hours around the clock. In fact, Crickex resolves the issue without taking much time. Bettors can contact them through the live chat support anytime they want.

Also, you can check Crickex Blog here:

4.   Bonus and offers


Everyone loves to have some free bucks to bet. Crickex has numerous types of bonuses and offers. Most common of them are weekly, bones, referral bonuses, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and many more. Moreover, the most appealing one is the chance to win an iPhone every week. In addition, there is a rebate on the deposits you make.

6. Safety

Security is a must for any cricket betting or in fact betting exchanges in general. With a license from Curacao, you can definitely relax about the monetary frauds. Moreover, affiliate partnerships give additional bonuses. Thus, you can bet on IPL live to the fullest.

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At the End…

In the end, from the above pros, we can clearly say that Crickex is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining betting exchanges. The live streaming feature is the most impressive one and definitely gives it an edge over other betting exchanges.

So, what are you waiting for? Just register yourself with Crickex and start the entertaining journey of cricket betting. Wish you luck to win huge. However, make sure you bet after calculating every factor affecting the matches carefully. Remember, caution is the key.

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