Cricket Themes in Online Slots

After soccer cricket has the biggest fanbase in the world. According to surveys, there are around 2.5 billion people who watch cricket. Yet, even with this massive fan base, cricket is still not an Olympic sport. To this day cricket enthusiasts are hoping this will change and that their favorite sport will become an Olympic discipline. One industry that doesn’t ignore this massive fanbase is gambling entertainment. Not only are there apps for you to bet on cricket, but there are also casino games with a cricket theme. Here we will talk about why cricket theme online slots are so relevant.


Creating Appealing Content for Casino Fans 

Casino game developers and gambling sites aim to make their content more inviting and appealing to the masses. This is why you have various themes in slot games, ranging from famous IPs to different mythologies, and sports. Cricket is obviously very popular, and many viewers like to gamble. So, chances are they would be interested in experiencing cricket through slots. 

Moreover, casino players use all sorts of strategies to improve their odds, but they also believe in lucky charms or jujus. So, they will do a smart thing and make an account on a 1 deposit casino that offers fair bonuses, and that is licensed. But they know luck is a big factor and if they feel cricket is their lucky sport, they will bet on it or play cricket-themed games. 

Cricket Star

This is one of the most played cricket-themed slots. The design or the aesthetics are spot-on, and you can see that genuine fans of the sport were working on the game. Moreover, the company behind is Microgaming, which has been in the gambling business for years. They are also behind the game called Mega Moolah and throughout history, there were multiple instances of players hitting the progressive jackpot. In other words, users trust Microgaming and love its products.  

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Premier League Cricket

Developed by Caleta, Premier League Cricket is a high volatility slot with a big jackpot multiplier of 500x the stake. The animation looks amazing and the background music is really catchy. In fact, you’ll be slightly sad whenever the reels stop spinning because the music stops as well. But, when you hit specific symbols and the spin time is extended it feels really exciting to watch and hear the sound. 

Lord’s Balcony

Do not let the name confuse you. This is a cricket-themed game and once again it was produced by Caleta. The reel and payline setup are pretty much the same as with the previous entry. Also, both games allow you to have a cascading win feature, which leads to some really exciting moments. In Lord’s Balcony, you can even win up to 50 free spins, which is why it is so popular even to this day. To unlock 50 spins you will need to line up 5 scatter symbols, but you can win fewer if you get at least 3. 

God of Cricket

This one was created by ReelFeel Gaming, and it is a 5×3 reel game with 25 betways. It might be more difficult for you to find it online, as there aren’t as many online casinos that host games from ReelFeel Gaming. Still, if you do have the chance make sure to check it out, it does the theme justice, and who knows maybe it’s your lucky pick. 


There are other slots themed after this sport and you can easily find them by simply going to the sports category on your online casino. This is a great way to combine two hobbies, and it’s also great if you can use some of the bonuses on these games. Usually, you’ll need to play slots in order to meet wagering requirements for the bonus, so why not these? Hopefully, you got inspired on what to play next while you are waiting for a new competition to start. 

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