PCB Announces new contracts, budget allocation for 2022-23 season

A considerable fund allocation is very crucial for any sports institution to grow and for the players to get high-quality training, good infrastructure for practicing, and enough matches to keep sharpening their skills, gain experience, learn from players across the world and be trained by the best fitness coaches as well.


Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently concluded its Board of Governors meeting and is now set to announce the latest central contracts for 2022-23. The Pakistan Cricket Board of Governors has approved an annual budget of 15 billion Rupees. 78 percent of which will be allocated and utilized for cricket activities.

There will be a 15 percent increase in retainers across all the categories of players and a single contract system is to be followed. The pool of centrally contracted women’s team is also likely to be increased up to 25 players. This is likely to boost a lot of confidence as well as to increase the security and is a positive move that will surely pull more young talents from Pakistan towards women’s cricket.

Recently, the PCB organized a dinner in honor of the players of the women’s and men’s national cricket teams where Ramiz Raja, the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board and a former captain and the celebrated player was in all praise for the women’s team and had a personal conversation with them and appreciated the team for their contributions to the Pakistan cricket.

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The PCB will shortly announce the names of the players included in the central contracts for the year 2022-23 and the same will come into effect from 1st July, 2022.

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