Best Cricket Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Betting is a pretty interesting phenomenon, because of its first law restrictions all over the world. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is not an exception and it also has some laws connected with the betting industry, 1 of them is The Public Gambling Act. This act, which was founded in 1867 banned all types of gambling, limiting punters to wager on their favorite sports.



However, nowadays gamblers and bettors are much more proficient than ever before, so they drove a coach and four through. To make a long story short, cricket in Bangladesh is 100 % legal because there is no law that forbids online betting explicitly. Therefore, if you hesitated to place or not to place bets in Bangladesh, our answer is to place, of course. Even if you are a newbie in this field, stay with us and don’t miss the opportunity to find out the top best online cricket betting sites in Bangladesh.

Crucial Factors to Select Best Online Cricket Betting Site in Bangladesh

As you know there is a big variety of bookies, each of them has both pros and cons. However, not to screw up, customers need to understand the difference between them and choose the most appropriate and reliable bookmaker for themselves. Here are the key factors which we offer to check before choosing a sportsbook in Bangladesh.

Cricket Betting Odds

It seems to us that this is the most valuable factor for you, if you are going to take a shot at this kind of sport. The odds are completely different in any bookie. It means, if you want to win some money due to cricket, your goal is cricket betting sites with the highest rates among a wide range of others.


Also 1 of the most significant points. You need to realize: licensed sportsbook – no data and money transaction leak. So, don’t neglect this feature and decide on only licensed and reliable bookies to keep your money and data safe.

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Bonuses and Promotions

An extra feature that will come in handy in any case. Why? The answer is simple, because it presents the option to win more money. Pay attention, that pretty big amount of bookies supply customers the opportunity to use the bonuses specifically in cricket punting.

Diversity of Markets

Here it is great to remember about 1 golden rule of wagering: the more sports are presented on the website, the bigger the probability to win. Be sure, it’s already checked.


The last, but not the least, key point, which will not be able to forgive you, if something goes wrong. It should be as quick as a cheetah and to satisfy all your queries and questions. Don’t doubt and choose that bookie which has this point precisely.

How to punt on cricket online?

Suggest your getting acquainted with the most important things to bet on cricket.

Step 1: Profile Creation

Not surprising, huh? So, to do this step, please follow the next instructions.

  1. Choose the reliable bookie and go to its site.
  2. Look for the button Sign up and click it.
  3. Fill in all the required fields.
  4. Complete your registration.

Congratulations, you can follow the next step.

Step 2: Deposit Stuff

Our next goal is charging up the balance. All you need is:

  1. Pay your attention to the button “Deposit”(it can be a sign or picture of any currency). 
  2. Pick any suggested payment system that is suitable for you to top up the balance.
  3. Fill in all the required details (amount of money and so on)
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You are 1 step closer to reaching the main goal.

Step 3: Placing a Bet

Remember the information, follow the instructions, however keep it cool.

  1. Click the Sport section.
  2. Select the tab which is called Cricket.
  3. Decide on the league you want to wager on.
  4. Choose the match you are interested in and click it.
  5. Pick the satisfied results and enter the pot into the field.

Step 4: Cashout

If you are a child of fortune, and won some money, here are some hints on how to withdraw them in a few clicks.

  1. Find the sign where “Withdrawal” is written.
  2. Pick the most appropriate payment system for you.
  3. Type the amount you want to get and confirm it.

Mission accomplished.

Top 3 Best Cricket Betting Sites

To satisfy all your needs we’ve reviewed a pretty big amount of bookies. Therefore, enjoy the top and pay your attention to these guys.


Advantages: A diversity of betting features, direct broadcasting, live punting section.

Disadvantages: Not the fastest support, because of the big number of customers.


Advantages: The specified cricket bookie, wide range of betting markets, the opportunity to change the currency in your personal profile.

Disadvantages: poor choice in cricket section.


Advantages: upstanding punting market reach, a big variety of payment methods, highly clear and trustworthy reputation.

Disadvantages: it could seem that the website is messy and unclear.

A final word

Today, we’ve discussed the top 3 betting sites for cricket in Bangladesh and the ways and steps to choose them by yourself. Hope it was useful and insightful for you, don’t hesitate and join the army of bettors in Bangladesh.

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