What are multiple bets, and how to place them?

Most modern betting platforms offer several types of bets to their customers. As statistics show, singles and systems are not in such demand among fans of excitement as multiple bets.



The popularity of multiple bets is due to several factors:

• possibility to add several events within one bet

• calculation rules imply multiplication of coefficients, which gives excellent opportunities for profit

• over a long distance, multiple bets can bring more benefits than other ones

In short, multiple is a bet that involves making several singles together. This type of bet is suitable because it allows the bettor to get a relatively large profit with a small bet amount. Portals set their maximum number of events for multiple; for example, Ekbet offers to combine 10 bets at once. What’s more, there bettors additional win boosts that increase if the user selects more sporting events for multiple bets.

How are the odds and winnings calculated in multiple?

The bettor should multiply all the odds of the selected events. Let’s look at an example. You have collected multiple of 4 matches with coefficients of 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, and 2.0. Let’s find out what the betting odds will be:

1.5 x 1.7 x 1.8 x 2.0 = 9.18

Now let’s calculate the net profit if you bet 1000 INR on this multiple:

9.18 x 1000 – 1000 = 8180 INR

If you bet 1000 INR on each of these sporting events separately and all 4 bets win, you will make a significantly smaller profit:

(1.5 x 1000 – 1000) + (1.7 x 1000 – 1000) + (1.8 x 1000 – 1000) + (2.0 x 1000 – 1000) = 500 + 700 + 800 + 1000 = 3000 INR

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The higher the profit, the higher the risk. Because losing even one match in multiple will lead to losing all money. But it allows you to win big if you are confident in the results of sporting events.

What bets can be combined in multiple?

In most cases, betting platforms do not restrict players in choosing events for multiple bets. Most often, users can combine outcomes for various sports into one chance. The only thing is that a customer cannot add two results of the same event to multiple betslip.

When placing a bet on a site with a sportsbook, a bettor simply needs to click on the desired odds. As soon as the player chooses more than one outcome, the system will automatically designate the bet as a combo. The result will be calculated precisely at the moment when the outcome of the last chronological match included in the combo becomes known.

Multiple bets placement process

1. Register or authorize on the site of the selected resource, for example, at ekbet.app

2. Top up your gaming account (this can be done from a bank card, e-wallet, or through net banking)

3. Select the desired events in the pre-match line or live section and add outcomes to betslip

4. In betslip, you need to specify the type of bet “combo” (at Ekbet, it is selected automatically after adding the second outcome)

5. Specify the amount of multiple bet

As soon as the service accepts the bet, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the balance. Therefore, you can follow the placed multiple in your personal account.

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How to make the best multiple bet?

To form a winning combo, you can follow these steps:

• Make a list of matches and correct it. For example, if initially 10 events were added to betslip, then you can reduce their number by removing low odds and those outcomes in which there is the least confidence. In this case, the probability of winning will increase significantly

• Don’t add high odds selections. Several such outcomes will reduce the probability of winning to a few percent. If you are sure of the passability of a high coefficient, it is better to put a single

• Be careful with buying ready-made forecasts. They are often scammers

Of course, the general recommendations for online sports betting also apply to multiple. Among other things, a bettor needs to pay a lot of attention to the analysis of not only statistics but also the line. If the user looks closely at the coefficients’ movement, the most profitable outcome for the bet becomes obvious.

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