Comparing the Winners of the Women’s & Men’s Cricket World Cups

Among the top and biggest games and sports events is Cricket World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is an organization that programs cricket matches after every four years.

Across the different sports played worldwide, Cricket World Cup is the best One Day International (ODI) tournament administered and organized internationally and is also very prestigious. In the meantime, if you are planning on placing a wager on the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup, make sure to have a look at this thorough comparison of the best online cricket betting sites from


ICC Women's World Cup Trophy
ICC Women’s World Cup Trophy. Pic Credits: ICC

Gap Between Men’s and Women’s Cricket World Cup

Waqar Younis was recently criticized for suggesting that ODI women’s games should be reduced from 50 overs to 30 overs. This comment was termed offensive by Australia Jonassen Jess.

It is fascinating since he said that after the World Cup match between Australia and Sri Lanka. This match was among the games with the highest scores in World Cup. It had great double innings and 500-odd run scores. It is still considered one of the greatest women’s games in the World cup. However, women finish their 50 over earlier than men’s matches.

After-take matches were conducted by women in four days, unlike in men’s cricket matches which take five days. This led to the dumping of Younis’s comment that the 50-over game for women should be reduced.

This proves that there is a gap in terms of the quality of the matches in cricket games. It is evident when you watch women playing a cricket game versus when men are playing. Generally, men hit the ball harder than women, run faster, and their field play is sharper.

A good example is a gap marked by the top players who bowled the cricket ball. The leading woman was Australia’s Cathryn Fitzpatrick, who bowled at 125 km/hr if you compare her to the top man Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan, who bowled his delivery at a speed of 161.3 km/hr.

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Cathryn Fitzpatrick. PC: Getty Images
Cathryn Fitzpatrick. PC: Getty Images


The amount of money awarded to players keeps on changing every year. The gender gap continues even when it comes to the award money, unlike in tennis, where women and men take similar amounts in single championships. In the women’s sector, the winner of the 2022 Women’s World Cup was rewarded with a token of 2 million dollars.

On the men’s side, the Men’s World Cup winner in 2015 was awarded 3,975,000 dollars. Men’s cricket has many more viewers and sponsors than women’s cricket.

Everyone has equal freedom to play cricket. However, this doesn’t mean that anyone should disrespect women’s cricket. Recently many young girls have shown interest in playing cricket games which will enhance the quality of women’s and global cricket.


Australia Crowned World Champions beating England by 71 Runs in Final. PC: ICC/Getty Images
Australia Crowned World Champions beating England by 71 Runs in Final. PC: ICC/Getty Images

World Cup Winners in Cricket

As discussed, cricket is a popular game all around the world. Here are the latest updates on top players yearly and various awards given to exceptional players.

In the match played on 14th November 2021, the finals in the International Cricket Council T20 World Cup game, Australia has crowned the champions against New Zealand.

Here are some of the winners during that match:

  • Player of the Match – Warner David from Australia
  • Man of the Game – Mitchell Marsh from Australia
  • Top Run-scorer of the Match – Babar Azam from Pakistan with 303 runs
  • Top Wicket-taker of the Game – Wanindu Hasaranga from Sri Lanka with 16 wickets

Sports play a crucial role in the questions asked in the section on general awareness. Cricket World Cup winners are the top in history among the frequently asked questions.

The list below shows you the winners of the World Cup in the ICC World Cup Women and Men Cricket.

ICC Men’s World Cup Winners

This list contains 50 overs winners in the ICC World Cup tournaments

  • In 2007 Australia was the World Cup Winner, which was hosted in Bridgetown
  • In 2011 India took the trophy of the Cricket World Cup in their hometown, Mumbai
  • In 2015 Australia became the Cricket World Cup winners in the game held in Melbourne
  • In 2019 England won the Cricket World Cup hosted in London
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The next game, Men’s Cricket World Cup, will be held in 2023.

Women’s Cricket games are not different from the men’s World Cup, which are also 50 overs. Here are the top winners from the women’s section:

  • In 2005 Australia won the Women’s Cricket World cup hosted in Centurion
  • In 2009 New Zeeland took the World Cup trophy hosted in Sydney
  • In 2013 Australia won again after playing the finals in Mumbai
  • In 2017 England women won the World Cup game hosted in London

This year’s game is yet to be played.

Essential Facts in the Men’s and Women’s Cricket World Cups

  • Australia has the most title for women’s and men’s world cups.
  • The only country that has won 20 overs, 50 overs, and 60 overs is India.
  • Twelve teams are participating in different ICC Men’s tournaments. They include Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, Scotland, Namibia, England, Australia, New Zeeland, and Afghanistan.
  • Only ten teams are participating in different ICC Women’s tournaments. They include Bangladesh, India, South Africa, West Indies, Australia, New Zeeland, Ireland, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Cricket has the most viewers in India. Other countries in the world such as Australia and England also have a lot of cricket lovers.

This complete guide can help you compare various aspects of the Women’s and Men’s Cricket World Cup Games.

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