5 Things to learn from Cricket in COVID Times

Every sport we play teaches us something in their ways. Leadership is the essential quality that we acquire while playing a sport in a team. One of those games is Cricket. It is better to say that this is one of the most-loved and appreciated games in the world. In these covid times, we have learned many valuable lessons from some personal experiences and the things that happened around the world. Sports, in general, is a great leveler, teaches us several life lessons. But with limited and almost zero scopes to move outdoors and keep oneself engaged and entertained, people opted for digital means to keep themselves occupied. One such online gaming platform that garnered huge attention is RummyBaazi.


Chance to Shine Programme for girls
Chance to Shine Programme for girls


Here are 5 things that one can learn from sports in general.

1. Calmness

Anger and agitation can be our biggest enemy if we let them control us and our life. Like MS Dhoni, we should never lose our cool no matter how many accusations and doubts people throw at us. Patience is the key to reach big heights. With a good amount of patience, we can face any problem no matter how big and vicious it is.

Likewise, every sport can help boost our confidence and morale. One of the key reasons why Rummy has become quite popular in recent times is because it is very easy and fun to play in an online environment. Just like cricket, it’s a skill-based game that has much to offer in the form of superior Mathematical and Psychological skills and enhanced Analytical prowess.

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2. Don’t ever give up

Giving up is never a solution to any problem. It doesn’t matter how many matches the Indian cricket team loses, it always comes back and plays with the same zeal and confidence. This is the attitude that you need in your life to tackle any obstacle between you and your purpose.

3. Anger Management

We have all seen Virat Kohli losing his cool in the field. We are also well aware of how dangerous it is for the game and other team members. This again comes to being calm in compromising situations. Nothing good ever comes out of being angry in an already difficult situation. Try to control your anger if you have anger issues before taking control of your life and actions.

4. Teamwork

You can keep thinking all you want that you’re better left alone and that you don’t need anyone. But the truth is everybody needs someone once in their life. If even a single person of the team fails to perform their part, the whole team has to pay the price for it. A famous quote “United we stand, divided we lose” sums it up.

5. Planning

Another and the most important lesson that cricket teaches us is the importance of planning. You need to be prepared beforehand for the situations that might arrive in the future. Without proper planning, a sudden problem might shock you and make you restless and clueless, not something you want under challenging times.


There are many other lessons that you can learn from the game of cricket like persistence, resilience, and internal strength. These are some important attributes that you need in your life to tackle any potential problem you might face in the future. Especially after these challenging times in 2020, we need to be even more aware and cautious. Though we never are entirely ready for a difficult situation in our life. But the least we can do is arm ourselves with important lessons to help us when we encounter those hard times.

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