A Dhoni fan traces his journey from Cricket to Poker

MS.Dhoni has been regarded as one of the best cricket players in the world. It was heart-piercing news for his fans to hear that he is retiring from cricket, though he will still be seen in T20 IPL matches. One among his million fans, who bows his journey in front of Dhoni, from Cricket to poker sites in india. All that he has been passionate about is due to the inspiration that he earned from Dhoni alone, his idol.



MS.Dhoni stands unique and superior to every other learner. Yet, he has never failed to raise hearts through his endless dedication. He has boasted millions of cricketers to achieve what he had earned himself. Since retirement, he has been seen playing poker, a different game yet very similar to cricket. He has been made the ambassador of poker. A game that, just like Cricket, needs practice and enthusiasm. It is a skillful game, just like cricket, that requires a player to practice regardless of everything. So, Dhoni fan believes that he is an inspiration. Be it the game of Poker or Cricket, Dhoni has given the world a new view.

Leading the team

The very first quality among many remarkable qualities that he possesses is how to be a team leader. Everyone does not have this quality of holding the entire team together, even in the toughest situations. Cricket is not just an ordinary game, that can be played without much effort or practice. Instead, it needs constant gearing up; it requires a leader that has undying faith in winning; it needs a player that plays selflessly just like a player in omaha poker that shows his calm and humble nature.

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The right tactics matters

Cricket, just like any other sports, needs on-point strategies with the qualities of leading a team. A leader who becomes a guardian, a friend, and a teacher based on the situation. A leader who is not only physically aware or conscious but is also mentally present in the game. Who is as much familiar with the game, as much aware of its practical learning. Someone, who doesn’t just ask to stay in the safe zone while playing, but lets the team dare and step out of the box to win.

Sailing the boat in the storm:

Let the wind come and go; you stay firm and strong even in the toughest storms. This is something Dhoni’s fans learn from his undying strength and never-ending enthusiasm. Be it cricket or poker; he lets his fan stay focused, patient and calm throughout the practice session and during every game.

Focus on the bright side:

In any game, a player needs to be the one who never doubts his ability and stays consistent. Dhoni has managed very well, is the Caption cool for this one reason. He has always considered walking towards the ray of hope instead of running from the storm.

These qualities of MS. Dhoni has helped his fan throughout his whole journey from Cricket to PokerStars India’s Online School. Also, gave him a better way to live life.

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