How Sportspersons and Athletes can benefit from Mindful Therapy?

If you are playing a game it is all fun and frolic, but if you are playing a sport, it is a combination of pleasure and pressure. When you play the sport at the highest level, there is no taking away the fact that there is immense performance pressure on you to do well for your country or your state or your district or for that matter for your school and college. There are expectations from people and this burden of expectations can sometimes get to the best in the business.

So, how can these sportspersons and athletes cope with this performance pressure and burden of expectations? One of the solutions to this is practicing mindful therapy.


Practicing Mindful Therapy
Practicing Mindful Therapy. PC:


Mindful therapy not only has the power to improve a person’s view of life but also increase their self-confidence. It can help one to get used to the ebbs and flows that are generally associated with any kind of sport. This therapy takes a holistic approach as it focuses on the mind as well as the wellness of the spirit. If followed with precision, there is no doubt that it will manifest into a happier and healthier life for an individual.

In sports, though you may feel that there is nothing significantly wrong with a person when he/she fails to deliver the required standards, the truth is there could be something really amiss which hardly catches the naked eye. This could be psychological and not physiological. For instance, a sportsperson could suffer from a variety of disorders, like, depression, anxiety, mood, and behavioral problems. And to tackle this very same problem, BetterHelp has teamed up with Professional and Certified counselors who have at least 3+ years of hands-on experience. Sportspeople, who find traces of the aforementioned disorders can use the midful therapy techniques to get their life as well as game back on track.

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Meditation and mindfulness are quintessential just like physical workouts and training for athletes. Practicing these mindful therapy techniques on a daily basis can have a huge positive effect on the performance.

Similarly, writing down the problems and visualizing the same can help a long way. In sports, it is always better to know your limitations, so that you work on them and be a better player. Also it is important to note that an athlete should not just focus on the problems but rather find ways to solve them and this could be possible by practicing this mindful therapy technique.

Supplementing the mindful therapy techniques with a spoonful of spirituality, the sportspersons and athletes can learn new coping mechanisms to address the past and present issues. Disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. will be left far behind, provided these mindful therapy techniques are practiced in the right spirit.

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