Don’t compare women’s cricket, see it as a different sport altogether : says Shikha Pandey

There has been a varied discussion on new changes to be brought in women’s cricket. As we reported earlier, the new wave of talk started with the telecast of ICC’s 100 per cent cricket where International stars came up with their take on the much-talked changes.


Shikha Pandey. Pic Credits: Getty Images
Shikha Pandey. Pic Credits: Getty Images


There were discussions on shortening the pitches or the boundaries. The weight of the ball was under the scanner too. Adding to the tally, we have Shikha Pandey from India. She recently opened up on the microblogging platform Twitter. In a complete thread, she termed the changes, being talked about in public domain, as superfluous.

She wrote: “I have been reading/ hearing a lot about the changes being suggested to help grow women’s cricket/ make it a more attractive product. I personally feel most of the suggestions to be superfluous”. She then went on to pick specific suggestions thrown towards women cricket.

Firstly, she calls shortening of pitches as dubious and adds that this would take doubleheaders out of the question. On the discussion of reducing the size or the weight of the ball, she says that only the reduction in size will work positively. She explained that it would help the bowlers to get a better grip on the ball. Moreover, the hits from the batters will travel more.

She points out to Ian Smith and agrees that making the ball work serve the aforementioned purpose. Importantly, she comments on the talks of reducing the sizes of the boundary. She says that women have surprised people in the past and there is a need for patience. She wrote that “Please don’t bring the boundaries in! We have surprised you with our power-hitting in recent times, so remember, this is only the beginning; we will get better.

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Please have patience. We are skilled players, who are evolving”. These changes, however, are being proposed as attractions to the game. To these attempts, Shikha says that marketing the game well would be more beneficial and sensible than tempering the rules and basics of the game. She, then, raises a very basic yet essential issue with regards to these changes and women cricket. She says that there should be changes at the grassroots level.

There have to be heavy investments in women’s cricket. With more fixtures and complete telecast on par with men’s cricket. She points out that women cricket should not be compared with their male counterparts. She adds that women cricket is a different game altogether and needs its space to evolve. She calls women cricketers as champions in their own rights.

Interestingly, she has been supported by other women cricketers. Meghan Schutt and Danielle Wyatt have replied and agreed to the informative thread. Fans and experts have applauded the wisdom of Indian stars. It is incredibly important for players to come out and express themselves on different issues as this makes the game more open and changes seem more democratic, to say the least.

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