Bismah Maroof expresses disappointment for delay in starting women’s exhibition games

Bismah Maroof Expresses Concern Over Lack of Domestic Matches for Women Cricketers in Pakistan.

Bismah Maroof expresses disappointment for delay in starting women's exhibition games
Bismah Maroof expresses disappointment for delay in starting women’s exhibition games

In a recent interaction with the media, Bismah Maroof, the 32-year-old Pakistani women’s cricketer, expressed her disappointment over the absence of exhibition matches for female cricketers during Pakistan Super League season- 9, let alone a league for Women.

Maroof, who has been a stalwart in Pakistan’s women’s cricket team, highlighted the significance of such matches in enhancing players’ skills and overall performance. Maroof focuses that such opportunities not only empower female players but also contribute to the overall growth of cricket as a sport.

Expressing her disappointment, Maroof emphasized the importance of exposure to international cricket environments, particularly through friendly matches with the inclusion of foreign players. According to Maroof, playing alongside international cricketers, not only provides a great learning opportunity but also builds a valuable environment for skill development.

Maroof emphasized the benefits of sharing the dressing room with players from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. She pointed out that such interactions can significantly contribute to improving players’ skills and performance levels. She highlights the positive impact of playing exhibition matches with overseas was evident in the improved results of the team.

Reflecting on the upcoming series against West Indies, Maroof emphasized its significance for the Pakistani women’s cricket team. She highlighted the team’s determination to carry forward the momentum gained from their recent tour of New Zealand. Maroof expressed her team’s commitment to performing at their best and delivering strong performances in the upcoming series.

The absence of exhibition matches for women cricketers during Pakistan Super League season 9 raises concerns about the lack of opportunities for female players to gain valuable experience and exposure to international standards of gameplay.

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Maroof’s remarks underline the importance of addressing this issue to facilitate the growth and development of women’s cricket in Pakistan. She said, “There are no exhibition matches for women cricketers in PSL 9, which is disappointing. Playing with foreign players provides a great opportunity to learn, and sharing the dressing room also benefits.

“The skills improve, which is why our results improved after that, The series against West Indies next month is very important. We will try to play according to the momentum created in the tour of New Zealand”

Bismah Maroof’s statements shed light on the challenges faced by women cricketers in Pakistan regarding organizing exhibition matches. Her statements emphasize the need for initiatives to promote and support women’s cricket, including planning of friendly matches with international teams. Addressing these concerns is crucial for the growth of talent and boosting the success of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

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