“Need Innovations in Women’s Test Cricket, Not with the Size of Ball and Length of Pitch,” says Anju Jain

Evolution is necessary. While learners of biology realize this fact with Charles Darwin, the cricket-loving billions have seen this with their game. The powerplays are not the same, the recent changes in the game due to the novel COVID outbreak have changed our comprehension of shine and sweat in cricket.

Former India cricketers Anju Jain calls for innovations in Women's test cricket. Pic Credits: Twitter
Former India cricketers Anju Jain calls for innovations in Women’s test cricket. Pic Credits: Twitter

Who thought that a player can face repercussions if he attempts to shine the ball in the good old traditional manner. Similar changes are being discussed for women’s cricket. We, at Female Cricket, reported that ICC, through the 100 percent, webinar gave a blow to the thought and debate around shortening of boundaries or size of balls.

When Vishal Yadav from Female Cricket had one of India’s veteran on the latest show titled ‘The Pioneer,’ he made sure to hear her stance on these discussions. Anju revealed that she was asked similar questions by ICC in their webinar and see clearly tags her approach as an old-fashioned one. She further adds that the proposals that are in the recent consideration like shortening of balls and pitches don’t excite her.

On the other hand, she says that changes from the authorities that drive the game towards a result-oriented manifest seem right. She hopes for changes to bring changes in test matches and rightly points out that people or spectators walk into the ground to see a result at the end of the day and the latest alterations with the game should keep this in mind.

Anju Jain - female cricket
Anju Jain – Former India Cricketer


Being an old-timer, she knows the worth of a test match and says that a test match is the purest exam of a player’s skill. Therefore, innovations have to be around test matches to bring them close to a result and hence to people as well. She recalls the earlier days of domestic cricket in India where a three day game with a set number of overs for each side would fetch a result.

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She stressed on Test Matches and hopes that more and more teams will play the long format in the future. We, as fans, often ponder on how to get the women’s game into the masses. It is high time we deny and reject voices that advocate a bar between women and their male counterparts.

If our ladies play more test matches, there are definite chances of a drastic change in their game. A change for the good that not all can see and only experienced campaigners like Anju Jain can spot.

There were some more interesting suggestions given by Anju Jain. Watch the Full Episode here to know more.

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