“Meeting that stranger was a turning point in my cricket career,” reveals Devieka Palshikaar | The Pioneers

Life, today, is stuffed in two ends. There is a disturbing rush towards success while none like failures. It is not to forget the old saying that often failures are more helpful than successful rides. Failures teach more than anything. Nonetheless, in the modern era, failure often means the finish line.

Devieka Palshikaar on 'The Pioneers'
Devieka Palshikaar on ‘The Pioneers’


In the 7th episode of ‘The Pioneers’, we have Devieka Palshikaar who sat with Vishal Yadav from Female Cricket to chat on the game we all love and her journey in it.

On turning the pages, the first few chapters of her journey seemed fascinating. Her introduction to cricket was not as early as many other stars. She recalls that she was once going to her college and saw another girl in whites with a cricket kit. The sight was different for Devieka and something struck her. She went straight to the girl and found that there was a cricket camp near her college and she had no idea about its existence.

It was strange that a shy Devieka got the courage to turn into the face of a stranger. Although the start was made two decades earlier, Devieka says that the memories are still very fresh inside her. It was after the encounter with the unknown girl that made young Devieka realize that women play cricket too. The very same day, she was straight heading to the camp. She remembers being so excited that she eventually bunked her classes.

It was her first instance of seeing women playing cricket. Earlier, her only chance in cricket came when she played the game with her brothers in the street. She could have never thought that women, officially, play the game too. However, as she entered the camp, a team was being announced. Later she was introduced to the coach after the fuss faded down. He asked her if she could play and young Devieka was all set for her first trial.

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It was all happening quickly for her. Devieka went in and played one of the finest bowlers of the camp. Her strokeplay was fabulous. The coach came to her and confessed that if she was here only thirty minutes before, her name would have been in the team. Things escalated and came down at the same pace for the young girl. The most astonishing fact, however, is that while remembering the incident Devieka says that she took the missed opportunity as a selection.

Rather than whining over the gone opportunity, she took the words of the coach as inspiration and was delighted. She chose to focus on the positive side of the day and the end result is for all to see.

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