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Day 4 of this tournament was again one of it's kind, with some matches witnessing exceptional performances and some experiencing great shocks. There were ups and downs throughout the day. Be it a win or not , stir of cricketing emotions have been sensed every day! 

Match Summary - Day 4 of Thailand Women's T20 Smash 2019
The matches played today were :

1.Bhutan Women vs Myanmar Women
2.Malaysia Women vs UAE Women
3.China Women vs Thailand A Women
4.Thailand Women vs Indonesia Women
1.Bhutan Women vs Myanmar Women - 9:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground,Bangkok

Myanmar Women won the toss and elected to field first.Bhutan Women who were to bat first put up a score of 87/9 in 20 overs.It was an average batting performance by the team with no single partnership being able to support the innings.Fall of wickets at intervals didn't let the team set a good pair on the pitch for long.Myanmar Women chased the target of 88 in 17.3 overs at a loss of 3 wickets.Although Bhutan Women were able to take 3 wickets early, it still didn't make things tough for Myanmar Women who achieved the target quite comfortably.The target was not so big to defend it against the Myanmar team and the bowling too didn't hamper them much; any one aspect under the control of Bhutan Women could have taken them atleast closer to the match results.
2.Malaysia Women vs UAE Women - 9:30 (local time) at Asian Institue of Technology Ground,Bangkok

UAE Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put up a score of 162/2 in 20 overs.The batting performance by the UAE team was really an excellent one.The first wicket of the team was just down at 12 runs but the next one went down straight away on 126 runs.ER Oza and KKN Egodage did a fabulous job, contributing 67 runs and 57 runs respectively which majorly were the reasons for such a great target set for the other team to chase.Malaysia Women on the chase were able to score only about half the target they had to (85/7 in 20 overs).They were seen facing difficulties to adjust to the UAE bowling attack due to which there was a slow chase and a constant pressure.
3.China Women vs Thailand Women - 13:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground,Bangkok

China Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put up a score of 68/8 in 20 overs.The team didn't have smooth going at all.Losing wickets after every small addition to the score board was the trend throughout the innings.Some time periods even saw a continuous fall of wickets with not a single run addition to the team total.The day witnessed and outstanding performance by R Kanoh (Thailand A) who had displayed the best bowling figures - 4 overs,4 runs,5 wickets,3 maidens;It was a delight to watch her bowling.Thailand A Women, who were to chase an easy target of 69, succeeded in 18.2 overs at a loss 5 wickets.Although China didn't score much, they indeed tried their level best to take wickets.They took 5 wickets and were in the game till 18.2 overs at a loss of 5 wickets, but the target set by them wasn't so big; if it had been so the results might not have been the same.
4.Thailand Women vs Indonesia Women - 13:30 (local time) at Asian Institute of Technology Ground,Bangkok

Thailand Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put up a score of 125/3 in 20 overs.It was definitely a superb one from the Thailand team.Their innings saw some good partnerships which with their commendable team work together built up a smart innings. Indonesia's score was 32 all out in 14.2 overs.The team failed in tackling the situation they were in.The  team could't walk past with their bowling and lost confidence to be in the game.Wickets fell all together at close intervals and struggle became worse as the match proceeded.They were completely dominated by Thailand and towards the end of their batting innings hopes were lost as the team were struggling to even sustain. 
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