Durriya Shabbir appointed as Women’s co-ordinator to oversee female cricket’s growth in Canada

While Cricket has suffered significantly in recent times, hopes have come from countries and boards that are not the richest or not the biggest. We covered Pakistan and European countries and their sincere efforts in these times.


Durriya Shabbir. Pic Credits: ESPN Cricinfo
Durriya Shabbir. Pic Credits: ESPN Cricinfo


In recent reports, it is learnt that the Canadian team will have a new cricket co-ordinator for its women’s side. This announcement came on the website of Cricket Canada. Insights were also made available on how Durriya Shabbir was selected for the post. As per the article, Durriya Shabbir was chosen from different applicants for the position that was created by the boards this past July.

Her appointment will end only when Cricket Canada will have its next Annual General Meeting which is scheduled to take place in 2021. Shabbir will have big responsibilities to take care of. She is expected to grow and promote public engagement with women’s cricket. There has to the development of gender-specific programs that will aim at increasing the number of women in playing, coaching, and other roles.

Further, she will also be attending the board meetings of Cricket Canada. She would be convening and chairing a Women’s Cricket Committees. Shabbir has previous experience in administration as well. She was vital in creating the first women cricket team in Ontario. She was also a part of the Canada Day Women’s Cup tournament as it co-creator in July 2018.

Shabbir has a prolific playing career as well. She scored 153 runs at an average of 51 in 2012 ICC Americas Women’s Twenty20. Canada went on to win the tournament. While the appointment is a welcome step, Canadian authorities will have to step up in their investment for the game and strive to make the side more competitive. As more teams and players will emerge at the global level, the game will grow and so will the players.

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