“COVID hasn’t impacted Women’s Cricket more than Men’s Cricket,” says Smriti Mandhana

While the world suffers from the horrors of the global pandemic and the rising curve of COVID cases, Cricket went through a phase of pause where on-field action came down completely. There was an unprecedented phase of nothingness. It was, moreover, said that the men will cope better with the pandemic as they have the luxury of resources as compared to their female counterparts who don’t seem to be earning in billions.

Smriti Mandhana
Smriti Mandhana. Pic Credits: ICC


Smriti Mandhana differs from this view and, as per recent reports, said that she can not say that the lockdown and the pandemic have affected women’s cricket more than the male counterpart.

The last International match played by the Indian Women’s Cricket Team was on the Australian side in the historic finals of the T20 World Cup held earlier this year.

Smriti said that “Well, I can’t say that it (Covid-19 pandemic) has impacted women’s cricket more. Women’s cricket got a good jump after the T20 World Cup in Australia”.

She added that “I feel that if the women’s cricket would have happened right after the world cup then obviously it would be better for the game. Now we have to again start performing and get that interest back”.

Interestingly, she revealed that Indian players had started training in their homes during the lockdown period and have carried out their fitness training programs.

She said “It’s a true fact that we have not played any cricket since the Women’s T20 World Cup final but we all have begun with our training during the lockdown itself. Each one of us is keeping our fitness and performing skill work at home”.

Mandhana, however, agreed that match practice session is completely different and shall be considered later as things ease. The pandemic has caused the Women’s World Cup to be postponed until 2022. Mandhana feels that the Indian side has been preparing well for the tournament and they now have an extra year to work towards their aim of lifting a trophy.

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Mandhana has been vocal in the past too and is cheered for speaking her thoughts clearly. While one may disagree with her views, her statements have always gained great attention from fans throughout the world.

Source: Times of India

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