Singapore Women’s National Cricket Team – Squad List, News, Latest Updates

Brief History of Singapore Women’s National Cricket Team

The Singapore women’s national cricket team represents Singapore in international women’s cricket matches. They played their inaugural match against Malaysia on 30 April 2006, marking the beginning of their journey in international cricket.

Singapore National Women's Cricket Team on
Singapore National Women’s Cricket Team on

With the ICC’s decision to grant full Women’s Twenty20 International (WT20I) status to all its members in April 2018, Singapore entered the global WT20I arena. Their debut in WT20I cricket occurred in the 2018 Saudari Cup against Malaysia in August 2018, where they secured two victories in a six-match series.

The Singapore Cricket Association (SCA) is dedicated to fostering the growth of cricket talent from grassroots levels to elite representation. In alignment with Singapore’s unique ecosystem, the Singapore women’s cricket pathway was established to offer a direct route to the Sunbirds, the Singapore national women’s team. This initiative aims to provide ample opportunities for young cricketers to realize their potential and contribute to the game’s development. Central to the pathway’s success is the provision of quality coaching and high-performance training facilities. This ensures that aspiring cricketers receive the guidance and support needed to excel in the sport and progress through the various stages of the pathway.

The pathway, aptly labeled “From Backyards to the Sunbirds,” is designed with four distinct sections:

1. Entry Level Participation: Encouraging participation and engagement from aspiring young cricketers.

2. Building the Foundation: Providing foundational skills development and coaching to lay the groundwork for future success.

3. Selection & Competition: Identifying and nurturing talent through competitive selection processes and exposure to high-level competition.

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4. Elite Representation: Offering opportunities for elite representation at the national level with the Singapore national women’s team, the Sunbirds.

Singapore National Women's Cricket Team on
Singapore National Women’s Cricket Team on

Tournament highlights – Singapore Women’s National Cricket Team

In recent tournaments such as the ACC Women’s Premier Cup 2024, Singapore faced challenges, losing all their matches and failing to progress further. Similarly, in the ACC Women’s T20 Championship in various years, they encountered difficulties in qualifying from the group stage, finishing 5th, 6th, 9th, and 4th.

Squad – Singapore Women’s National Cricket Team

Shafina Mahesh
GK Diviya
Roshni Seth
Ada Bhasin
Vinu Kumar
Vathana Sreemurugavel
Piumi Gurusinghe
Haresh Dhavina
Riyaa Bhasin
Devika Galia
Zay Hua Tan
Damini Ramesh
Jocelyn Pooranakaran
Johanna Pooranakaran
Sara Merican
Ananya Sarma
Jacinta Si Ping
Pin Goh
Kamal Raja
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