Holy Trinity Cricket Club of Australia hosts the first ever cricket pride cup

Holy Trinity Cricket Club of Australia hosts the first-ever cricket pride cup.

Holy Trinity Club - Pride Cup
Holy Trinity Club – Pride Cup

Holy Trinity Cricket Club became the first club to host a cricket pride cup in Australia. The cricket club hosted the Pride Cup round for both men and women.

Cricket Victoria has been working with Proud2Play for a long time. They had conducted Pride in Sport Awards in 2018 as well as in 2019. They also have an elite Transgender and Gender Diverse Inclusion policy which is funded by Cricket Australia.

The Pride Cup was taken by the Darebin Falcons in the women’s category while Preston Cricket Club won the trophy in the men’s category. The day was well spent by the spectators, with Cricket Victoria making sure the families were entertained with many fun activities.

As reported by Kade Matthews of starobserver.com.au, Luke Major from Proud2Play lauded Holy Trinity hailing them as the perfect candidate to host the first pride cup. Luke is also hopeful of many more pride cups in the future. “This is just the first of many Cricket Pride Cups we hope to roll out in 2019 and the future”, Major said.

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