4 female cricketers from Bhopal fought against all odds to enter Madhya Pradesh cricket team

Life is rarely a bed of roses. Fighting it out and rising up against all odds is what constitutes life. Winners are those who never give up. Four Bhopal female cricketers who have been selected for their state team are prime examples of this. Deepika Shakya, Tamanna Nigam, Nikita Singh, and Priti Yadav are the four Bhopal players who have made it to the Madhya Pradesh state cricket team.

Tamanna Nigam
Tamanna Nigam. 

These girls don’t come from a cricketing background, and with the Bhopal Divisional Cricket Association (BDCA) being defunct, it’s a great accomplishment for the players to have made it big on the state level.

These girls never had it easy. From playing local cricket to making their families proud, they have come far in life. And this is just the start.

Nikita Singh is a batter who bats in the top-order. Batting aggressively is the style of cricket she likes to play. Nikita hails from a village in Sidhi district and her father is a school teacher. She has learnt that you have to fight out the odds to climb in life. As reported by Ramendra Singh of timesofindia.com, Nikita said, “It is because of this reason I have never got frustrated even when I don’t get any success.”

Tamanna Nigam is a bowling all-rounder. She is a swing bowler and can bat as well. Her father is a school teacher too. She is the only child of her parents and credits much of her success to the support given by her parents. Her parents were very supportive of her and provided her with best facilities, she said to the Times of India.

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Priti Yadav is a bowler who bowls spin. Her family was not supportive of her. They were against her playing cricket. Nikita, Tammana, and Priti belong to Mayank Chaturvedi Academy.

Deepika Shakya has another inspiring story. She is a wicketkeeper batter. In 2012, she got dropped from the state team. Her family supported her and encouraged to continue playing the sport. Currently, she has been representing Madhya Pradesh for the last 3 years. She also holds a job of a sports teacher in a school.

Director Sushil Singh of Mayank Chaturvedi Academy told to TOI that the selected players are very consistent in their performances.

The Madhya Pradesh state team will play against Meghalaya team as part of BCCI’s T20 tournament on 15th October in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

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