In a First in 85-Year Existence, India’s former woman cricketer Chandrima Shaha becomes head of Science Academy

Former vice-captain of West Bengal’s first women’s cricket team, Chandrima Shaha has been appointed as the president of Indian National Science Academy (INSA). She is the first woman to hold the post. Along with the newly-elected council of 30 other members, Shaha will assume her new office from 1 January 2020.

Chandrima Shaha
Chandrima Shaha. Pic Source : Dspace

Expressing happiness on her selection, she said, “Women have to first believe in themselves to take over leadership positions. I have been elected by a council consisting of mostly male members.”

Before her three-decades-old scientific career, she was also the first female cricket commentator of All India Radio.
Talking on her work agenda with INSA, she told that she wanted to increase the outreach of scientific communities. She also pointed out that although government initiatives have given a push to innovations, the learning system is not research-oriented.

“What needs to be inculcated in schools and among public too is the fact that while ancient texts can tell us about cures to various things, in science -where things have to be proven via experiments – we have to provide evidence,” she said.

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