Cricket Australia announces guidelines for inclusion of transgender players in cricket

Cricket Australia has announced the new guidelines for inclusion of transgender and gender-diverse people in community and elite cricket. This will open up doors for transgender players to represent Australia both, at domestic as well as international level.

Transgender cricket in Australia
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The prospective players will be required to nominate their gender identity to Cricket Australia’s head of integrity and must prove that the concentration of testosterone was less than 100 nanomoles per litre for at least 12 months prior to nomination.

Backing the move, Australia Women’s former captain Alex Blackwell said, “I benefitted so much from sport in elite teams (and) I don’t think trans and gender diverse people should be excluded from that.” “I’d love to see more transgender people engaging in sport,” she added.

She further added that the Australian women’s cricket team members were consulted and they were quite supportive of CA’s efforts to include transgender players to the mainstream cricket.

The board has drafted the guidelines in lines with the International Cricket Council’s gender recognition policy.

Kanika Parineeta

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