UP Warriorz to release a special documentary on women’s cricket

As the time nears for the 2nd edition of the Women’s Premier League, Capri-owned U.P. Warriorz shared a very exciting news that has the fans buzzing in anticipation. For cricket enthusiasts, especially fans of the U.P. Warriorz, get ready for an engaging treat as the franchise kicks off production of a docuseries capturing.

UP Warriorz to release a special documentary on women's cricket. PC: UP Warriorz
UP Warriorz to release a special documentary on women’s cricket. PC: UP Warriorz

Cricket and an eventful season creates gripping content worth binge-watching and this docuseries will be no different as it aims to capture the women’s cricket narrative, the team’s journey in the WPL, showcasing their triumphs, challenges, breakthroughs, and inspiring journeys from the heart of Uttar Pradesh and realities of women’s sports from the heartland of India and internationally.

The series will be brought to us from a collaboration involving U.P. Warriorz, ART&M, and Victory Sports Media. Award-winning filmmaker Arlene Nelson, Director and Executive Producer, ASC DGA, leads the charge, aiming to portray the essence of women in sports on a global scale. This initiative seeks to highlight the impactful presence of female athletes in the sports arena and inspire sportswomen and women in various spheres on their journey toward social and economic change.

Emmy-nominated and renowned for her direction in ‘Angel City,’ Arlene Nelson, when asked about the cricketing docuseries following one on Angle City Football Club, commented, “In the current zeitgeist, a global groundswell is propelling female protagonists to the forefront. The docuseries embraces this momentum and allows me to weave a rich narrative where resilient women athletes emerge as trailblazers. I’m honored to be entrusted with the telling of this universal story that I believe is destined to captivate audiences worldwide.”

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Scheduled for filming between November 2023 and April 2024, the docuseries plans to document the entirety of the team’s forthcoming journey, encompassing their intensive preparation phase and the core of the tournament. This schedule promises a detailed, behind-the-scenes insight into the evolution and dedication of the U.P. Warriorz.

Australian legend and captain of the U.P. Warriorz Alyssa Healy, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I believe this docuseries marks a revolutionary moment for women’s sports, offering a fresh perspective that could reshape public perception of women’s cricket.”

Capri Sports acquired the Lucknow base in the previous year’s team auctions shelling out 757 crores. Led by the wicket-keeper batter, Alyssa Healy, and coached by Jon Lewis, the U.P. Warriorz clinched a commendable third-place finish in the five-team competition. With four wins and as many defeats in eight games, they secured a spot in the Eliminator, though lost to the eventual champions.

Jinisha Sharma, U.P. Warriorz Team Owner & Director – Capri Sports, concluded stating, “Our docuseries isn’t just capturing the heart of cricket; it’s amplifying the voices of women who are catalysts for change. U.P. Warriorz is proud to showcase not just their athletic prowess but their ability to impact society and business positively – a milestone that reverberates far beyond the field.”

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