Business Opportunities in Women’s Sport

Sports are a big part of our lives, they have a major role in cultural growth and they are often used as a way to educate and transmit values. Sports have the capacity of bringing together people from different backgrounds and beliefs, this activity provides a new manner of meeting other people that won’t be encountered in a different context, as a result, new friendships and opportunities can be achieved.



On the other hand, sports represent a fast-growing industry worth millions worldwide, concentrating the attention of thousands of people that  every week follow the performance of their favorite teams.

In the last couple of years the attendance at women ‘s sports competitions has increased notably compared with numbers of previous years. This gain in popularity has many reasons, some of them are a change in attitudes towards female sports, and more media coverage. This is creating new opportunities, raising the ticket sales for female sports events, and favoring new sponsoring and advertising contracts, which provide funds to promote the growth of such competitions.

Commercial opportunities

As we mentioned before, the popularity of women ‘s sports has risen in the last few years. This new interest from audiences it’s not only in the female public, surveys indicate that the interest in women ‘s sports is balanced between genders.

In comparison with male sports the commercial activity in women sports is still minor, but it is increasing rapidly. One sign of the consistent growth is the number of sponsorships signed on female sports. New commercial activities usually related with male sports are supporting women’s sports to reach out to new audiences.

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One example for this are the sport digital platforms which are one of the most fast growing sports related commercial activities. These platforms include female sports and they provide information about predictions and statistics. Source:

Women’s sports are growing

There are many reasons to invest in women’s sports.

One of them would be that women’s sports are getting more popular consistently over time. Millions of people watch women’s sports competitions every week through the leading sports networks. Major sports organizations such as FIFA, WSL, and NWSL, have closed multiple sponsorship contracts worth millions of dollars around women’s sports competitions.

The growing popularity of women’s sports is growing with respect to sports marketing. Female athletes are attracting a lot of attention and increased interest from brands.

In terms of society, it contributes to generating an environment of health and wellness for more people every day.

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