The ins and outs of the cricket game

Cricket is a scintillating game where two teams involved. They use a bat and a ball as their equipment. The game is resounding in Great Britain and Australia, as well as India and New Zealand.



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Southern England is considered to be the official place of the game’s origin. Historical documents of the 13th century already started to meet mention this game, which was entertained by residents. Farmers used a bent stick for household chores and had fun playing cricket at intervals. Gradually cricket spread throughout Central Europe. In the mid-18th century, the first cricket club appeared in England, and the game moved to London, where the stadium was built for the game, which exists today. Cricket was included in the Olympics in Paris but is not currently an Olympic sport. The main competition is considered the Cricket World Cup. To watch and participate in it gathers once every four years.

Rules of Cricket


Cricket is played by two teams, the number of players in each team is eleven. The game takes place on a field in the shape of an oval, which is covered with grass. The main equipment used by players is a ball and bat. The goal of the game is to score more points than the opposing team.

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Basic terminology:

  • Pitch is a ground area in the center of the field. The length of the pitch is 20.12 meters.
  • Wickets are wooden gates at each side of the pitch.
  • Crease is the strip that separates the edges of the pitch from the main part of the pitch
  • A bowler is a player who fields the ball from the wicket.
  • A batsman is a player with a bat.

The teams take turns putting the ball into play, trying to score as many points as possible. The important task is to try not to let your opponent score prize points. Athletes from one team are scattered around the field, and the opposing team is represented by two batsmen. Each move consists of the bowler throwing the ball to the batsman across the pitch. The throw should be so strong that the batsman tries to bounce it as far as possible to the edge of the field and at the same time have time to run to the other side of the pitch. If the result is positive, the team earns points.

There are several additional conditions that take the batsman out of the game:

  1. If he catches the ball before it has time to touch the ground the batsman’s wicket is ruined
  2. Rounds are played until all batsmen have been taken out of play, after which the teams switch places.

Cricket matches can be played in several formats, each with certain parameters.

  • time limit — the match will last exactly the allotted time;
  • a limit on the number of rounds;

In the first case, the match can have a duration of up to several days, and history has even registered open-ended matches.

Women’s cricket

Women’s cricket was first mentioned in 1745. It was reported in the press that maidens from two counties got together and played a match. They wore white clothes. After that, the first women’s cricket club was founded, which arose in 1887 in the county of Yorkshire. Three years later the club went on a tour of the country. Girls from Australia and England were the first to be named Test teams, followed by New Zealand.

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A new breathe in cricket

A new round of development of the game began when the decision was made to hold limited overs. This made it possible to limit meetings to one day. Accordingly, with the reduction in meeting time, it became possible to increase their frequency.

The first such championship was held in 1971, after which the International Association decided to make this one of the main ways to hold competitions. One of the most famous competitions can be called the championship of the English counties, in which 18 national teams take part.


The game of cricket is an exciting spectacle, which the whole family gathers to enjoy. A firm favorite sport amongst the English and Australians, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, bringing people together in every corner of the world.


Where to bet on cricket games?

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Is cricket a popular sport?

Fair enough, cricket is an illustrious sport that has gained momentum in Great Britain, India, and New Zealand. It will be drastically blowing abroad over the years.

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