The Sri Lankan mystery spinner

There are many cricketers who do all kinds of acrobatics in order to make their bowlings as difficult and as unpredictable as possible. You can make online bet only with 1xBet, and from this website it is possible to wager on the best bowlers in the game.

Ajantha Mendis is an interesting example of that. In fact, he was nicknamed the “mystery spinner” because his bowlings were quite unpredictable for the batters who faced him. It can be stated that those “mysteries” that surrounded his delivery method were quite successful, as he obtained some great results in the teams where he played. Currently, only with 1xBet you can make an online bet on the most diverse catalog of outcomes that can originate from a bowl.


The Sri Lankan mystery spinner
The Sri Lankan mystery spinner

A relatively brief career

Some cricketers can play for more than two decades. By contrast, the Sri Lankan had a career that lasted only 13 years. Yet, he was still able to deliver some memorable performances between 2006 and 2009. All the teams where the Sri Lankan played can be wagered on the website, and some examples include:

  •  Sri Lanka Army;
  • the Somerset County Cricket Club;
  • the Kolkata Knight Riders;
  • the Pune Warriors;
  • and the Sydney Thunder.

The player was also part of the Sri Lankan national team between 2008 and 2015. During those years he played some fantastic matches for this team, which can be wagered on the 1xBet website. A particularly great achievement that he obtained during those years was that he was the first cricketer ever to take six wickets in a Twenty20 international match.

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Injury problems and bowling technique

Unfortunately, Ajantha Mendis needed to undergo back surgery in 2014 in order to repair a fractured disk. Since bowling is an activity that requires a lot of effort from the back, he was out of action for many months. Punters can visit the – live bet app download can be easily to wager on players who return from injuries.

Yet, it seemed that Mendis never fully recovered from that, and maybe this led to his relatively brief career. Yet, he still impressed the cricket world with a fantastic technique. For example, he employs all kinds of deliveries, including topspinners, googlies, leg-breaks and others. This means that for batters it is almost impossible to guess how he is likely to throw a ball.

But the reason why he was called the “mystery bowler” was because he was extremely good in disguising a technique like another one. In other words, he adopted the posture of a specific method, tricking the batter into thinking that he was going to bowl like that. Next, he threw the ball in a completely different manner. The great live bet app from 1xBet can be downloaded now, and used to wager on great bowlers.

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