Cricket Techniques: Mastering the Basics

Learning a new sport can be overwhelming. 

Many people want to become experts as soon as possible, and some try to learn advanced techniques from the outset. However, the secret to learning a new sport isn’t learning the advanced techniques but mastering the basics.

Just like with walking, you have to start gradually putting one leg in front of the other and fail many times. 

In this article, we discuss the various techniques of playing cricket. By the end of the article, you should have collected enough information to start on the way to becoming a cricket legend. Let’s dive right in!

A. Batting Techniques 

Batting means striking a ball bowled at you with a bat to score runs. To ensure a high score, you must strike the ball bowled at you at the right angle, and the right speed, and doing this can be quite tasking. Towing the sport betting line, something even more thrilling is predicting the batsman that’ll score the most runs. Getting this right attracts juicy rewards on sport betting sites like Odds96 Cricket. You can also enjoy Esports games, live casino online games, and other sport betting activities on the platform.

Getting it right can be intimidating, particularly because you have to master holding the bat correctly, standing properly to hit the ball at the right angle, and perfect timing. 

Let’s look at some basic skills to master if you intend to become a great batter.

1. Grip and Stance

The correct grip helps you control the bat optimally and apply as much power as possible. While there are different types of grips, the best way to choose one is to try them all when batting and see which one works best for you. 

There are five ways to grip a bat, these are: 

  • V-grip: This is the traditional way of holding a bat, and it is famous amongst experts because it allows for optimum control when hitting the ball.
  • ‘O’-shaped grip: The O-shaped grip is a bit more advanced than the V grip, and it is preferred by batters who wield heavier bats and those who specialize in cross-batted shots.
  • Knott grip: Named after Allan Knott, this grip technique is a modification on the V-grip and is well suited for handling fast and bouncing deliveries.
  • Donald Bradman’s grip: This grip is eponymously named after one of the greatest batters in cricket history. It’s a twist on the V-grip and great for cross-batting. However, it can be challenging to score in the mid-off and point region.
  • Open-face grip: This grip is not commonly used. However, it is particularly useful for scoring long sixes. It isn’t well suited for scoring shots in the leg side. 

The golden rule regarding stance is to adopt one that is both comfortable and effective. A good stance should allow you to move swiftly, hit shots from different directions, hit the ball with power, hit spinning balls, and transfer weight optimally between each foot. 

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2. Footwork

Your footwork refers to the positioning of your feet when facing a batter. Having the correct footwork helps you get into the right position to strike the ball with precision and ease. The footwork of a great batter is fluid and adapts to the bowler and the type of cricket pitch amongst other factors. 

How to Execute The Right Footwork

The stance is the first step to good batting footwork. As discussed earlier, the proper batting stance differs for each player based on how comfortable they are and what’s effective for their batting style. 

Once you master the stance, the next step is to manipulate your body weight with each delivery by a bowler, to maximize precision and power. Techniques include the trigger movement, watching the bowler’s wrist movement to pick up clues, and perfecting the front and back foot amongst others.

3. Shot Selection

Shot selection is how a batter chooses to hit a ball delivered by the bowler. As with most other elements of cricket, your shot selection must be fluid and adaptable based on the kind of delivery, the ball, and its direction. 

Here are some tips for optimal shot selection:

  • Time the shot perfectly
  • Observe the ball with keen eyes
  • Transfer weight into the ball as you hit
  • Adapt for ball speed and pitch type
  • Practice often.

B. Bowling Techniques 

A good bowl aims to make it difficult for your opponent to strike the ball with precision and power. It involves throwing the ball at the batter with speed and guile. 

To bowl like an expert, here are some basic techniques you need to master 

1. Grip and Run-up

The grip is crucial to a perfect delivery, it determines the movement, speed, and direction of a bowler’s delivery. Finding the perfect grip for yourself requires a lot of experimentation and practice. Below are some kinds of grips you can experiment with:

  • Basic Seam Grip: In the standard seam grip, the middle and index fingers are used to grasp the ball while the seam is positioned upright. With this grip, the bowler can angle the seam and create movement through the air to produce a traditional swing.
  • Reverse Seam Grip: Bowlers use the reverse seam grip to produce reverse swing. The ball is gripped with its glossy side toward the leg side in this grip, with the seam inclined towards the little finger.
  • Cross-Seam Grip: When using the cross-seam grip, the ball is held with the seam running across the hand and perpendicular to the fingers. This grip is frequently used to create erratic bounce and seam movement off the pitch.

This list is not exhaustive, we encourage you to do more research on bowler grips. 

A good run-up helps you maintain momentum, and hit your optimal speed before you jump and gather, to deliver a fast ball. To optimize your run-up practice running in a straight line, and delivering to a right-handed or left-handed batsman. 

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2. Action and Release

Simply put, bowling action in cricket refers to the series of movements you perform before delivering the ball to the batsmen. A proper motion helps you provide the pace, swing, or spin you require to dismiss the batsman.

Some popular cricket bowling actions include:

  • The Side on bowling action
  • The Front on bowling action
  • The Round-arm bowling action

The phase of transition between back foot landing and follow-through is known as bowling release. During the release, the bowling hand is straight and tall in line with the front foot delivery stride aiming towards the target. The ball is released at the tallest point, and the follow-through is in line with the bowling line.

C. Fielding Techniques

Fielding has two primary effects on a cricket match’s outcome: it can save runs for the side and influence runouts. It is worth spending time honing your fielding techniques because a team’s fielding strategy has a big impact on the outcome of the game. 

Here are some basic techniques to improve your fielding:

1. Positioning and Anticipation

In cricket fielding, positioning and anticipation are essential. To make good plays, fielders need to anticipate the trajectory of the ball and tactically position themselves depending on the hitter’s tendencies.

Tips for improving your positioning and anticipation:

  • Study the batter’s strengths and weaknesses to anticipate their shots.
  • Position yourself based on the batter’s tendencies and fielding restrictions.
  • Stay on your toes and be ready to react quickly to changes in the game situation.

2. Catching and Grounding Fielding

In cricket, these two techniques are essential. To make a significant impact on their team’s performance, fielders need to become proficient in safe catching and successful ground fielding tactics.

Tips for improving your catching and grounding fielding:

  • Keep your eyes on the ball at all times and maintain focus.
  • Get into a good fielding position with knees bent and weight forward.
  • Use soft hands when catching to absorb the impact and secure the ball.
  • Practice catching drills regularly to improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes.


Being a master at cricket requires a firm grip, a strong stance, very fluid footwork, and flexible shot selection. While all that sounds like a lot to achieve all at once, you just need to try different options as you test for comfort and effectiveness. Have fun on your journey to mastery! And, if you want to bet on cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and other sports along the way, the Odds96 sports betting site has the best odds and game selections on offer. 

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