How to Organize and Market Your Praise and Worship Event

Praise and worship play a vital role in the life of a believer. It is a way for them to express gratitude and acknowledge the many kindnesses of God. 

Many believe that praise/worship is more effective when done in large groups. Such events are also a chance for people of the community to come together and communicate over common ground.

Hosting a praise and worship event, however, can be tough as it requires lengthy preparation and marketing efforts. With members of a Church often already having various commitments, it can be daunting to organize such an event.



To make things easier, we have covered all that you need to know about organizing and planning a praise and worship event.

Things to Consider When Organizing a Praise and Worship Event

Choose the Music According to the Audience

The thing about church events is that they are attended by people of all age groups, From teenagers to the elderly. 

This is why it is important to be careful when selecting hymns or spiritual music for the event. Choir music is suitable for most options as it’s popular among the elderly. However, a growing number of churches are now opting for lively hymns as they attract family audiences and create an atmosphere of joy. It might be a good idea to create a playlist that’s a mix of both. 

After you’ve queued up a playlist according to your audience, be sure to space it out. 

Decide the Duration of the Event

Most praise and worship events are short and under thirty minutes, however, some churches opt for longer events. Plan this aspect carefully as a very short event may not be apt and a very long enough may make attendees uncomfortable. 

In most cases, twenty to thirty minutes are enough but you can go for a longer duration if it’s needed. Make sure to add breaks so that attendees have time to attend to their needs. Still, make sure it doesn’t go too long. Experts believe that events should be kept under 2 hours.

Encourage New Visitors by Keeping the Event Welcoming 

Church services are mostly attended by frequent visitors, whereas, the aim of every church is to attract as many people as possible. A great way to do so is to make your praise and worship event welcoming so that new attendees do not hesitate. 

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Here are some tips:

  • Give visitors a chance to socialize. This will help break the ice and ensure visitors don’t feel bored.
  • Keep extra chairs to accommodate everyone. You want to avoid people having to stand throughout the event. 
  • Keep the doors open throughout the event. This might encourage more people to join even after the event has already started.

Locate a Venue to Accommodate Everyone

Your church might not always be the right venue for a worship and praise event. Choose a venue that can accommodate everyone, is comfortable, and easy to reach. 

If not the church, then choose the church ground for the event. You might have to use tents and chairs. Similarly, the town hall or convention center can be a great option, especially if the weather is not suitable for an outdoor event.

Also, make sure to provide parking so that visitors have no trouble reaching you.

Get Important People and Brainstorm Ideas

Make sure to prepare for the unexpected and double check everything. Make sure all electronics including the sound system work well. You can create groups and give them duties.

Think of your expectations and boundaries and plan the event accordingly. Don’t focus too much on one thing. Songs can excite people but they may not always be enough. Get your pastor onboard and end the event with a punch so that people have a reason to come back. 

Writing things down and rehearsing again and again can be a great way to ensure everything goes well on the day of your praise and worship event.

Promoting the Praise and Worship Event

Encourage People to Volunteer

Now that you’ve decided on how you want your event to go, it is time to spread the word.

Reach out to other local churches in the area, or regular visitors of the church and encourage them to volunteer at the event. 

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It is a good way to capture new visitors, and volunteers are always nice to have. They can work as ushers and ensure things go well.

Promote Online

Not many people think of social media when they think of church marketing despite many church goers using Facebook and other such platforms. You can promote your event by posting relevant content, working with local businesses, and hiring the services of influencers. 

Feel free to reach out to other church groups online and see if they can reshare details of the event with their congregation.

Create simple and regular posts and make sure to include these details:

  • Venue (with a detailed address for guidance)
  • Date of the event, including starting time
  • Facilities at the service (be sure to include details that might appeal to people such as ‘parking space available’)

Guest Speakers are Great! 

Make your event more exciting by reaching out to a new pastor. Try to get your hands on someone with a good reach and use their name to attract more people. You can use local names or have someone known to make an appearance. 

Create Banners or Flyers

Churches still use traditional methods to promote events, so do not shy away from using a banner maker to create compelling banners and flyers. They can be placed on the notice board, outside your church, and distributed to visitors for them to distribute further. 

You can even upload these banners to your social media and use relevant hashtags so more people can find you. However, don’t forget to include all relevant information when creating flyers.

This is all you need to know about organizing and marketing your praise and worship event. Keep the space welcoming, plan in advance, and go all out to promote it and you will end up having a great event.

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