How To Bet On Cricket: A Rookie’s Guide For Doing It Right

Are you interested in the game of cricket and seeking other fun ways to swing it all up to your favor financially? Then, you can join the league of over 140 million cricket gamblers to analyze the various teams on betting platforms like  FanDuel Sportsbook, foretell the outcome of their games, and make money in the process.



Overall, cricket is the 3rd most popular sport in the world, offering tons of opportunities for lovers of the sport, money-makers like yourself, and the world at large. That said, we must highlight that before you are ready to earn big from betting on cricket, you must know how to bet the right way.

So, let’s get on with it. How can you bet on cricket from zero to hero? We’ve highlighted all you must know to gamble on the sport, beginning from the most popular bets to some tips that can help you get it right. Let’s proceed.

The Most Popular Betting Markets In Cricket

These are the most popular markets you can explore to get started with betting on cricket.

1. Match Betting

Match betting is the most popular cricket bet, and this is because it’s the simplest. When betting on this, you can bet either of three options – your bet can be that the home team wins, the away team wins, or both teams end in a tie.

2. Tied Match

A tied match bet is also another simple kind of bet. If you believe the match will end in a tie, choose this option. If the match ends in a tie as predicted, you’ll have won your bet.

3. Completed Match

You choose these betting odds to predict if that exact match will or won’t end in a day. Unfavorable climatic conditions might affect the match, causing it to prolong. So, in this bet option, you’d get your profits if your prediction was right for the match.

4. Innings Runs

The innings runs bet is another interesting option where you foretell how many runs players of the team will score during the first innings of the singular match. When playing the option for innings runs, the computer will provide you with a range, and you are to predict if the game will have more or fewer runs, which will be displayed as over or under.

5. Bowler Match Bets

Betting on the bowler match option is also another straightforward process. Here, you’d be given the option of choosing between two players, and you’d need to pick which among the two will be the top bowler.

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6. Top Bowler

Betting on a top bowler is a simple task. In this type of bet, you’d get to pick a player from either team that will be the top bowler for the match. You will have won the bet if you get the prediction correct after the game.

7. Live Cricket Betting

Several new and innovative betting sites enable users now to be able to gamble on live matches. If you want to bet on a live match, you will get many options to bet. Besides the constantly-variable odds during the live match, you’d also receive many unique options to pick from, including the next over, the results of the next round, and lots more.

8. Top Bowler/Batsman

The top batsman option is a relatively easy gambling option for rookies in cricket gambling. Here, you get to choose which of the players will become the top bowler or batsman at the end of the match. A top bowler option is for which players you expect to have the highest wickets in the match.

You can choose which player you predict will have the highest number of runs for the top batsman. Sometimes, you can even pick between either team, from which you predict the top bowler or batsman.

9. Over/Under Score

The over/under is another common betting market to explore as a beginner. The sportsbook will post a range of scores they think each team will have at the end of a single match or series of matches.

You must then pick which option you presume is best for any of the teams. If you predict the right scores, you will win the bet.

10. Series Winner

In cricket, two teams can play a series of matches instead of one. So, rather than playing only once, they will play several rounds of matches. 

You can bet on either team, which you think will be the winner at the end of the series. If you are using this bet, t’s important to remember that you’re betting for the winner at the end of the series, not a singular game.

11. Tournament Outright Winner

If you’re interested in gambling on any popular cricket tournament, the “Cricket Tournament Outright Winner” is the option you should look for. When wagering on this option, you’d need to choose a team you predict will defeat all other teams and win the tournament.

Before placing your bet, the online gambling portal will display the related match lines for all the teams in the tournament. You will choose the team to win and hope the wind blows in your favor.

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12. Series Score

You can also bet on the final score of a cricket match series. The sportsbook will display the available options for a series of matches each team must play. You’ll also see options for how many matches the individual teams will win during the series. All you must do is select one choice and hope for the best.

13. MOTM (Man of the Match)

The Man of the Match bet is very popular in cricket betting, and it’s used for single games. Alternative to this is the player of the series, which is the option for the Series betting option.

Considering these two titles, you can analyze both teams and decide on which players you feel will be the best fit to win the Man of the Match or Player of the Series. It must be noted that not all betting sites have this betting market. You will find this option in most of the established bookmakers.

14. Win Toss

In cricket, you don’t only have the option of betting on the game’s results. You can also wager on which team will get the win toss gamble at the beginning of the match. It’s a very interesting way to gamble, and you can easily win some cash by predicting this correctly.

Smart Tips For Betting On Cricket

These are quick tips that will help you bet on cricket successfully.

  • Have an understanding of the sport.
  • Choose a reliable bookmaker.
  • Learn the relationship between weather and the outcome of a game.
  • Understand the betting odds and how they work.
  • Analyze each team.
  • Follow cricket rankings.
  • Pay attention to the ground.
  • Follow tipsters with excellent track records in the sport.

The Bottom Line   

Betting on cricket games can be a fun and rewarding activity. It offers one of the best gambling experiences you can ever have. The betting odds are quite enticing, and the payouts can be huge if you get your predictions right.

The good news is that there are so many betting markets to explore as a beginner, which means more options and opportunities to win. However, before placing your first bet, endeavor to understand each market and how it works. You should also pay attention to the necessary tips that could help you improve your chances of winning.

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