Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evans spill beans about their teammates

The talented trio from England in Laurie Evans, Reece Topley and Jason Roy, recently had some fun in a conversation with Adam Drury, a sports writer, and spilled some beans about their biggest inspiration, the best footballer, the messiest roommate, and much, much more. Evans, Topley and Roy have played with some of the biggest stars in international cricket for Surrey as well as in franchise-based tournaments.


Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evans spill beans about their teammates
Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evans spill beans about their teammates


When Drury asked them who has helped them the most with their game, Evans said, “I quite enjoy Hashim Amla, he has a calming influence over the dressing room.” Roy seemed to agree with Evans and said, “Yes, the mental side of things, 100%. We have been blessed with overseas players that you can’t believe. Kumar Sangakarra, Kevin Pietersen, Hashim Amla, Graeme Smith, Ricky Ponting.”

bMoving on, there was an interesting question posed to the trio. It was regarding the player that they could trust with a catch to save their life. Roy answered, “I am going to put Chris Jordan up there. Stick a high ball up there, he’s got good mitts on him.” To Roy’s answer, Evans quickly added, “I think you (Jason Roy) are pretty good, mate.”

Following it up, Drury asked them about who is the best at the bleep test. Roy replied, “Arun Harinath, from my experience, was unbelievable. Then Joe Root, he could run for absolute days.”

Further, they were quizzed on the player who is always last out of the nets. Evans and Topley agreed on one name and it was Ben Foakes. Evans said, “Ben Foakes, he always comes in for a second or a third hit.” Topley added, “Yes, Foaksey, 100%. Popey is another long one, especially when we are traveling on the coaches and we are all having to wait for Popey and Foaksey to wrap up their hits.”

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More often than not the cricketers tend to play football as a part of their warm-up. In view of this, Evans, Topley and Roy were questioned about the best footballer by Betway. Evans quickly said that he was the best footballer. Roy did not agree with him and said, “No, horrendous mate, such a bad mover. You cannot move (laughs).” Later, Roy and Topley fixed on Ben Foakes as the best footballer. Topley said, “Foaksey’s got the left foot of Van Persie.”

After a round of in-the-field questions, there were a couple of off-the-field googlies thrown at the trio. They were asked about the player who wears the most outrageous gear. Roy said, “There is a range of genres in that changing room. And I think everyone rocks it.” Evans added, “Reece likes to put himself up there. He’s got a Kanye West album cover on his leg.” However, Topley felt that it was Ben Foakes and the three of them seemed to agree. Evans said, “He (Foakes) hates spending money.” To which Roy added, “Do you know what annoys me about him? He is so good-looking. And then he is like he just puts his gear on. You are like come on man. Is that too harsh?”

Finally, Evans, Topley, and Roy were quizzed about the messiest roommate. According to Roy, it is Ollie Pope, while for Evans, it was Sam Billings.

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