How to play Cricket Properly?

Most popular betting companies offer cricket betting. This is a team sport with difficult-to-understand rules of the game, which is in demand among bettors in England, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay


There are many championships and leagues in cricket, and each competition has its own characteristics and rules. Matches are held all year round, so bettors have almost unlimited betting opportunities. By the way, you can bet on this sport. And you won’t find better places than Bet Winner. Cricket is a non-contact sport from the family of games using a ball and a bat. It originated in the south of Great Britain in the 16th century. In less than 200 years, cricket has acquired the status of a national sport. The expansion of the British Empire contributed to the spread of the game far beyond the Foggy Albion. It has become very popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa.

Betting strategies

Cricket odds very often vary even before the start of the match. Cricket betting strategies can be very diverse, but sure bets are the most popular. This is due to the fact that quotes jump. Let’s see how to apply this strategy. It is necessary to determine the favorite of the match with an overestimated quote and place a bet on it immediately after opening the line with the maximum odds.


Cricket Betting Sites in India
Cricket Betting Sites in India


By correctly choosing the favorite of the fight, the player is sure that the odds for his victory will drop. You need to wait for the moment when the drawdown will provide an opportunity to play in the betting sure bet, and provide yourself with a profit, regardless of the outcome of the match.

In India, online cricket bets are most typically on your favorite team, the balance of power is somewhat blurred. If bettors conduct competent analytics, skillfully apply statistics, there are significant chances to play in plus at a distance.

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Note that Betwinner app can be installed for betting. Here it is more convenient to monitor finances, watch live broadcasts and even withdraw money. 

In search of the perfect regulation

There are mainly three formats of cricket these days: first-level cricket, one-day matches and T20 (“twenty”). At the first level, meetings can last 3, 4 or 5 days, in this format test matches between national teams and national championships are held. This is the slowest form of cricket, where matches are often played in heavy tactical combat.

The fastest and most spectacular regulation is T20, where the matches do not drag on for a long time. The “twenty” is gradually gaining more and more popularity in the world, here only two innings are played to complete the match (one for each team’s attack), and the average duration of the meeting is three and a half hours.

One-day matches (One Day International, or simply ODI) are the golden mean. In these meetings, the teams try to determine the winner within one day, and the game as a whole is limited to 40 or 50 overs.

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A little about the rules

Like baseball, in cricket, players try to hit the ball after a pitch by the defending team, but apart from this, there are not many intersections between these two sports.

  • Matches are played between two teams – 11 players from each side. The field has a rounded shape and can vary in size, but in the center there is always a circle with a diameter of 20 meters (“pitch”), where all the main actions take place.
  • Two teams take turns hitting the ball or serving it, the defense side of the field simultaneously has one serving “bowler” and ten field players, on the attack – only two hitting “batsmen” on the field, one from opposite sides of the pitch.
  • The offensive player tries to score as many runs as possible – “runs” – in his allotted “over” (six bowlers in one over), or until he is put out by the defense. The batsman tries to deflect the throw in such a way that the ball will reach the boundaries of the field or fly far enough from the opponents that would allow the batsman to run to the other side of the pitch.
  • If successful, and subject to certain other conditions, the batsman’s team earns wounds. At the same time, the fulfillment of some game conditions – catching the ball by the opponent before touching the ground, destroying the batsman’s gate and others – takes the batsman out of the game.
  • The attack of the team, the so-called innings, continues until 10 batsmen of the battering team are removed from the game, after which the opponents change roles.
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Questions and answers

Is it profitable to bet on cricket?

Yes, since bookmakers make a lot of mistakes in the line for this sport.

Where can I watch cricket scores?

You can do this at any bookmaker’s office by visiting the special “Results” section.

Is it possible to combine two cricket bets in an accumulator?

If these are two bets not from the same match, then yes, combining them into an accumulator is possible.

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