“Women’s Cricket in the Olympics would be amazing,” says Meg Lanning

Ireland hosting a 6-match tri-series gets underway on 16th July with Australia playing Pakistan at the Berdy Cricket Ground at 8:30 PM IST. This series serves as a brilliant buildup to visitors from Pakistan and Australia who’ve got the Commonwealth Games to feature shortly after the end of this series.


Meg Lanning - T20 World Cup 2020
Meg Lanning – T20 World Cup 2020


Cricket marks its return to the Games after 24 long years with the last being played in 1998. With this being the first time that Women’s Cricket will feature at the Games, Australian skipper Meg Lanning feels cricket’s appearance at the upcoming Commonwealth Games could go on to pave its way to a much bigger stage, the Olympics.

World Cup Winning Captain, Meg Lanning in her conversation with BCC Sports quoted, “Cricket in the Olympics would be amazing. Especially for the game as well, to reach a new audience. It would allow different people to see that game would really help the growth of it in other countries around the world, and particularly for women.”

Meg Lanning further added, “I’m not really sure what it takes to get it into the Olympics, but from the perspective of players, it would be amazing. It’s something I’d love to do but I think if it was going to happen, it will probably be once I’ve finished up playing.”

On the upcoming Games event, Meg Lanning said, “We’re looking at it as a very unique opportunity. We want to win that gold medal. Our group is really excited about it. It’s a new challenge, and I think it comes at a really good time for our team.”

With the kind of upward graph we’ve seen of women’s cricket over the past few years and especially this year’s World Cup there’s of course been a big jump in the quality that women’s cricket has successfully produced and it shouldn’t be surprising that a much better quality at the Games could actually see Cricket make its debut at the Olympics in near future.

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