How has Railways impacted Women’s Cricket in India

The world of female cricket in India is unique and quite special as it has a close connection to a weird ally. Almost all the women playing cricket in India have jobs in Railway as railway and cricket have a history and a special connection.


Railways - Winners of Senior Women's T20 2019
Railways – Winners of Senior Women’s T20 2019 (Twitter)


Cricket is a widespread sport and even though its popularity is not as clear as other sports, however, there is a lot of support around the world. And the field of female cricket has expanded quite a lot and India is no exception. Cricket was introduced to the population of India back in the 18th century. If you want to catch up on the field of female cricket in India, here is your chance.

Railways and cricket

In India, there is a rich culture of female cricket, and it all began in 1984 when the first connection between the railway and a cricket team was established. Since then, it has grown and in India female cricket is connected to employment in railways and getting women jobs. There is a unique relationship between cricket and railways in India. It might sound weird and not logical at all. However, it is not at all weird in India. Up to 90-95 percent of all women cricket players in India are working with the Railway. And the Railways are supportive of their ambition and preferences in terms of sport – and in this specific case cricketing.

So, the cricket teams are named after the railways to honor their support. Such as the Eastern Railways, South Central Railway, and North Frontier Railway. All these teams are closely connected to working at the railway. The players and most women must be at least 18 years to enter the teams.

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Engaging in cricket

Some engage in sports and amongst these in cricket by placing bets. This is a way to find some excitement while involved in a specific sport and match. If you enjoy cricket and want to engage in the matches somehow this is a way to do so. People who want to engage in this type of support use a site like Betting Guru to do so. However, it is important to make sure that you are in a state or area where betting on sports is legal as it varies a lot around India. And if you don’t like the thought of betting or if you prefer to play casino, that is also an option. But make sure you have the legal right.

The laws on sports betting in India

When you are engaged in betting on sports or other types of gambling, you should make sure, that you are aware of the laws of gambling in India. As in many other countries, it varies, and there is not a unified law that is applied all over the country. It is mostly quite restrictive as India is a religious country both Hindu and Islam and both of these religions are not accepting the act of gambling. And the Public Gambling Act of 1879 underlines the realness of the general feeling toward gambling as the punishment is a fine or even imprisonment. However, three states in India allow gambling and betting. The following states allow casinos to operate, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. In these states, it is also legal to place bets and gamble online.

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