Have you Tried Your Luck in Cricket Lotto?

Cricket betting is now a thing. Cricket-themed slots and casino games are also not rare. But, have you ever heard of a lottery game based on cricket? Now that’s something unique, isn’t it?

Lottoland Asia’s exclusive Cricket Lotto is the first of its kind that pays out in crores every week. Dubbed the largest cricket-themed lotto game in Asia, it happens three times a week every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 2 AM IST.

We chanced upon this interesting game while reading an article about exclusive lotteries on Lottoland Asia on the lottery comparison site OnlineLottoBaba.

The rules of this game are pretty simple and follow the 6/49 format of lotteries. Players need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 manually or using the Quick Pick feature on the site. The one who matches them all gets to scoop the jackpot.


Have you Tried Your Luck in Cricket Lotto?
Have you Tried Your Luck in Cricket Lotto?


Entries to the lotto cost ₹80 each. You can win a minimum of ₹3.6 crores off a single ticket. Moreover, jackpots in Cricket Lotto roll over to massive amounts. The highest jackpot in the past was recorded at ₹73 crores!

The lottery further offers a DoubleJackpot feature, which lets players win a prize twice the size of the jackpot. The feature must be activated while playing and would cost ₹160, i.e. twice the price of a single ticket.

However, the DoubleJackpot feature only doubles the jackpot amount. The rest of the prize tiers remain the same.

What makes Cricket Lotto different from the rest is the inclusion of ‘Extra Innings,’ which is an extra draw you get to play for just ₹19 more. This draw offers a guaranteed prize pool of approximately ₹1.8 crores.

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The lottery offers 6 prize tiers for the main game and 6 more for the Extra Innings. The odds of hitting the jackpot in the main game and that of winning the first prize in the Extra Innings draw are the same – 1 in 13,933,816.

The table below provides more details of all the prize tiers and their odds of winning:


Matched Numbers Odds of Winning Estimated Winnings (Main Draw) Estimated Winnings (Extra Innings)
6 1 in 13,983,816 ₹3,64,05,025 ₹1,81,54,268
5 1 in 55,491 ₹94,684 ₹63,527
4 1 in 1032 ₹2,994 ₹1,815
3 1 in 57 ₹436 ₹181


To increase your odds of winning, you can even play Cricket Lotto in any of these three lottery syndicates.

  • Cricket Fever

The Cricket Fever syndicate comes with a total of 252 combined lines (252 tickets). Players can buy anywhere between 1 or 200 shares, where each share costs ₹125.

  • Cricket Dream

The Cricket Dream syndicate comes with 301 pre-selected ticket combinations, of which buyers are free to buy 1 or 200 shares. Each share costs ₹160.

  • Cricket Crown

The Cricket Crown syndicate offers 1008 pre-selected combined lines where buyers can buy 1 or 250 shares. Each share costs ₹500.

The best thing about playing in these syndicates is you get an equal share of the winnings even if someone else wins with the same ticket combination as yours. In this way, the risks are reduced and the odds of winning are raised.

Cricket Lotto might not be the world’s most popular lottery, but it is surely a crowd puller given the fact it is hosted by Lottoland Asia – one of the best lottery sites in India.

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Registered and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, this lottery site guarantees the payout of your winnings regardless of the jackpot amount. You can try your luck as long as you are 18 or over and can furnish valid proof of identity and address.

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