Ranking the Best Women Cricketers

It’s not easy being a women cricketer. With all the glory heading towards the direction of men and limited opportunities, women cricketers do a lot to end up being at the big stage. And when they do, they rarely refuse to back down, thereby giving us a list of the best women cricketers. These individuals are not merely players but icons who are currently taking their game to a whole different level. 

So spend a minute or so reading about some of the best women cricketers and understand how exceptional they have been over the years. Despite the sport producing a lot more names, these individuals have remained at the top and by the looks of it, will continue to be there for the long run.


All you need to know about India’s Squad for 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup. PC: BCCiWomen / Twitter
All you need to know about India’s Squad for 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup. PC: BCCiWomen / Twitter
  • Ellyse Perry 

Ellyse Perry is widely regarded as one of the best women cricketers of all time. The Australian-born international holds the record for the highest score by a woman in Test, which goes up to 213*. She has also taken over 150 wickets, thereby certifying herself as an all-rounder. 

The numerous awards that she has won clearly talk about her focus on the pitch and how she remains one of the best. She has also been a part of the Women’s T20 Challenge, which is also known as Women’s IPL. 


ormer Australian wicketkeeper Christina Matthews to replace Kevin Roberts in the top job,. CREDIT:AAP
Ellyse Perry. PC: ICC/Getty Images


Thanks to her style of play, it is obvious that anyone would want her in their team and that includes people involved with fantasy cricket, cricket betting, and more. Hence, for the ones familiar with IPL satta apps or other aspects of betting, Ellyse Perry is not unknown. 

  • Jhulan Goswami 

When it comes to all-rounders, Jhulan Goswami is a name that commonly appears. She is one of the fastest female bowlers in history and her pace dictates her style of play. Being named ICC Women’s Player of the Year in 2011 and being ranked number one in 2016 are a few other achievements credited to her.

Jhulan Goswami surpasses Lyn Fullston's Record to Take Most World Cup Wickets. PC: ICC / Getty Images
Jhulan Goswami surpasses Lyn Fullston’s Record to Take Most World Cup Wickets. PC: ICC / Getty Images


She has taken the most wickets in Women’s ODI and South Africa is one of her favourite teams to play against. Thanks to her exceptional performances, Goswami is always the highlight and continues to dominate play as and when it is possible.

The way she plays and her approach towards the game have all been lauded and she continues to do what she does best. She was also honoured with a postage stamp from India, thus adding another credible achievement to her endless list of accolades. 

  • Katherine Brunt 

Known as the greatest female fast bowler in the history of England, Katherine Helen Brunt is a name synonymous with cricket. From the moment you start watching her play, you will immediately notice her aggressiveness and how she tries to control the game in whichever way possible.


Player Profile of Katherine Brunt in Women's Cricket World Cup 2022. PC: FemaleCricket.com
Player Profile of Katherine Brunt in Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022. PC: FemaleCricket.com


The raw passion that she feels for the sport is quite evident because we are talking about one of the greatest fast bowlers in cricket. Thanks to her ability to control the game, she has always featured in international tournaments, where she represents England. 

Her maiden half-century not only contributed to her team’s success but was one of the most important aspects of the game that led to an eventual victory. Every opponent tries to understand her game in order to try and beat her but they rarely seem to make that happen. 

  • Lisa Sthalekar 

The captain of Australia’s international women’s team not only plays the game with passion but also shows why she is one of the best in the world. The person in question is Lisa Carprini Sthalekar and to this day, is considered one of the best all-rounders that the sport has ever seen. 

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Lisa is one of the greatest all-rounders to have played women’s cricket.
Lisa is one of the greatest all-rounders to have played women’s cricket. PC: Getty Images


As a player, she is known to break records and bring about a difference on the pitch and her continued success clearly talks about how well-equipped she is to play the game with ease. Having taken wickets and scored an awful lot of runs, Sthalekar, at times, is the reason why her team moves forward. 

As a specialist bowler and batter, Sthalekar continues to dominate and we can rarely see her call it quits because, why would the best want to retire? 

  • Stafanie Taylor 

Born on the 11th of June, 1991 in Jamaica, Stafanie Roxann Taylor is another name famous in the world of cricket, mainly for being one of the best. She has represented her country more than 80 times and is one of the best right-handed batters in her team or probably, any team she decides to be a part of.

Stafanie Taylor in her bowling action. PC: Getty Images
Stafanie Taylor in her bowling action. PC: Getty Images


As the first woman to score 1000 runs, Taylor has always been at the forefront of records as she shows you how to make them and break them. She joined the West Indies team at the age of 17 and continues to dominate games in a way it should be dominated. 

With more than 100 international outings to her name, Taylor deserves all the applause and praise that comes her way because, for someone who has crossed 3,000 runs in T20 International cricket, applause isn’t just enough.

  • Mithali Raj  

A list talking about the best in cricket wouldn’t make sense without Mithali Raj. The Indian-born international loves the sport and constantly reminds the world why she is one of the best. She has scored the most runs in women’s international cricket and is hardly showing any signs of slowing down. 


Mithali Raj in ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022. PC: ICC / Getty Images
Mithali Raj in ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022. PC: ICC / Getty Images


She also has more half-centuries in WODIs than any other player and that tells you the kind of player that she is. Raj is also the captain of the Indian team and each time she plays, she looks to control the game and implement decisions that eventually help the team. 

Thanks to her extraordinary achievements, Raj has often been the biggest name on the team sheet and has rarely made mistakes or shown signs of slowing down. Among her long list of achievements, scoring fifty-plus runs in ODIs stands out, although we do believe that there are more records to break and that she is going to do it all. 

  • Shashikala Siriwardene 

It’s hard to talk about Shashikala Siriwardene without mentioning her records and achievements, although it is hard to stop once you start talking about it. A record of 100 wickets, scoring more than 100 runs and being the best player on the pitch is just a few of the achievements that can be credited to Siriwardene.

Emotional farewell for Shashikala Siriwardena
Emotional farewell for Shashikala Siriwardena. Pic Credits: ICC


Having played at the International level, Siriwardene captained Sri Lanka in their campaigns at the Cricket World Cup. Moreover, she has always been selected to represent her team in domestic competition and you may rarely find a Sri Lankan team without her name on the sheet.

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She has also represented the Sri Lankan navy in domestic competitions and as you can understand, Siriwardene was one of the best players out there. Every time she decides to play, she manages to take things her way and bring about an approach that works for good. Apart from cricket, Siriwardene also worked as a human resources assistant in a clothing firm.

Hence that clearly gives you an idea or two about her journey towards the game and how she managed to come in and create an impact. 

  • Meg Lanning 

Let’s start with Meghann Lanning’s achievements. Lanning is not only the captain of the Women’s National team but has also won the One Women’s Cricket World championship, four ICC Women’s World Twenty20 and more. She has also been a part of multiple championship campaigns where commentators spent a lot of time talking about her skill and how she plays.

Meg Lanning. Pic Credits: cricket.com.au
Meg Lanning. Pic Credits: cricket.com.au


Thanks to all that she has achieved, it is fair to say that she is one of the best cricketers out there who have the capacity to turn things around and bring about a difference when their team requires them the most. Lanning is also one of the most successful cricket captains who understands the game so well and makes decisions that work for the better.

Right from her debut, which was alongside Sarah Coyte, Lanning was someone you would observe and someone you realise will create an impact for good. Her successful campaigns, her decision-making skills and her style of play are critical aspects that every team requires if winning is what they are after.

  • Sana Mir

Sara Mir is another name in cricket that easily fits into a list that talks about the best. She has been the captain of her team in ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals. She has always played the game with precision, which is why she is on this list and also the captain of her team. 

The 100 wickets that she has taken in World Twenty20 has led her to achieve a lot more and push herself forward because why stop when you can continue dominating the game and be the best?


Sana Mir
Sana Mir. Pic Credits: PCB


Her exceptional career, which we hope would never come to a stop, continues to inspire people and push them towards the goals that they want to achieve. She has also been ranked number one in ICC ODI rankings, which was a first for Pakistani women’s cricket.

Apart from that, Mir was also part of the reason why Pakistan won two gold medals and continues to thrive in cricket. Her eventual success and command over the game are special aspects that have gone a long way to tell you who she really is.

For nine straight years, she has featured among the top 20 ICC players and we may never see her off the list anytime soon. Her leadership is vital to the Pakistani team, as her decisions are often some of the best. Not only has it developed every player but has also encouraged them to be like her. 

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