Six Scholarships on offer for Female Sports Enthusiasts in Americas region

Cricket in the United States has once again gained shape for both men’s and women’s teams from the country. After the men’s team played their first full series against a Test-playing nation last month, their U19 women’s team would be on its inaugural international tour as they travel to the Caribbean this month.

Following the boost to the sport in the country, USA cricket in collaboration with ICC Americas which is the international body that looks after cricket in countries in the Americas announced an opportunity for aspiring women cricketers who wish to pursue a postgraduate certificate in International Sports Management. The course is in conjunction with the University of London (UOL) and will be offered via the World Academy of Sports (WAoS) which aims at providing programs in the field of sports to help those involved in it, learn from the best and achieve the best.


Six Scholarships on offer for Female Sports Enthusiasts in Americas region
Six Scholarships on offer for Female Sports Enthusiasts in the Americas region. PC:


The Council will be offering six scholarships for applicants holding at least a bachelor’s degree or having at least 5 years of relevant work experience and professional references. There would be one full scholarship on offer while the five would be 25% scholarships. The application for the same is available at Apply for Scholarship and is open till 5 PM PST, Friday, January 7.

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As reported by, appreciating ICC for providing these useful scholarships, Nadia Gruny who is the USA Cricket Board Member and Women and Girls Committee Chair said, “We are thankful to the ICC for offering these scholarships opportunities. A successful cricket community in the US requires that we build the capacity for women to be engaged off the field. We are committed to providing these types of development opportunities and look forward to several competitive applications coming from the US and hopefully, eventual scholarship recipients.”


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