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A US-based company, Tektor Shields, is an innovative sports equipment manufacturer that has come up with a protective shield that helps athletes to stay away from any kind of germs and infections during the course of play.


A Female Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet
A Female Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet


The Tektor Shield has been used across different sports, namely, cricket, football, hockey, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. It is an easy-to-wear sports gear that needs to be simply mounted on the helmet. The equipment has garnered a lot of attention and has been used by different sports teams like Memorial Lacrosse, The University of Tampa (Spartans), West Michigan Lacrosse Club, All America Lacrosse, University of Denver (Athletics), Drip Lacrosse, Avon Grove Lacrosse, among many.

The users of the Tektor Shield have been highly satisfied and appreciative of the product. It is known that the “Shield” offers players a whopping 90% protection from larger outward bound measurable particles and 83% protection from the smallest outward bound measurable particle. These numbers suggest that the shields play an important role in decreasing the probability of players attracting any kind of germs or viruses from each other during the play.


A Male Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet
A Male Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet

Some of the testimonials from the users of Tektor Shields are as follows:

COVID safety was our number one priority going into the 2021 season, and as part of that plan, we decided to require face masks or face shields for all players while on the field.  Tektor’s shields provide the best combination of safety and comfort as they eliminate the two biggest issues with face masks – the discomfort of having a heavy piece of cloth over your mouth and masks constantly slipping.  Players wearing the Tektor shields forget they’re even there after a while, which is absolutely what will ensure our players use them throughout the season.

-Bryan I. – High School Head Coach

These helmet shields were exactly what our lacrosse team needed. They are easy to install, don’t block vision, and don’t restrict airflow. The customer service was also exceptional – above and beyond expectations. All of our requests were met without hesitation. To top it off, we received our order in less than a week. Highly recommend.

– Nancy D Elkhorn, WI

Thank you for working with the Mid-Michigan Marauders Varsity Hockey Team regarding masks for all hockey players that have cages, bubbles and the different goalie masks! Everything fit perfectly with no issues of any kind. Every player states they are unable to tell they have a masks on the inside of their helmet and cage.

– Rob H – Head Coach  

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