How effective are Tektor Shields in protecting you from harmful pathogens and viruses?

Tektor Shields has brought about a paradigm shift in the world of sports, thanks to their innovative and effective protection equipment that can be easily mounted onto helmets worn by athletes playing sports like cricket, football, hockey, baseball, softball, and lacrosse, in which helmets or other face protection equipment are used.


A Female Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet
A Female Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet


The US-based company aims to provide an additional layer of safety to athletes throughout the world with quality innovative shield protection. The shield can protect the players from spreading or catching any kind of germs while playing. The shield is a beautifully engineered mask that strikes a perfect balance between the safety and performance needs of athletes.


The company’s mission is to protect athletes from harmful pathogens and viruses in the face of COVID-19 and beyond. Given the current situation of COVID-19, with which the entire world is grappling, protection equipment in the form of a shield is very thoughtful and the credit goes to Tektor Shields for coming up with this wonderful product to ensure that the athletes make a safe comeback to sports.


Tektor Shields Website
Tektor Shields Website


How safe is Tektor Shields?

Based on findings from ICS Laboratories in Brunswick, Ohio, it is observed that the “Shield” provides athletes with 90% protection from larger outward bound measurable particles and 83% protection from the smallest outward bound measurable particle.

ICS Laboratories is an accredited third-party testing laboratory that specializes in the conformity assessment of personal protective equipment (PPE) worldwide. It has been in the business for more than two decades and has successfully tested an avalanche of protective equipment. The findings by the ICS Laboratories are incredible and significant in reducing the probability of players attracting any kind of germs or viruses from each other during the play.

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The results were derived from an experiment that was conducted on two groups of people; one with Tektor Shields on and the other with Tektor Shields off. The results state that there was a statistically significant effect of TEKTOR Shields on particle matter count during a sneeze simulation. When in place, TEKTOR Shields reduced particle matter count within the particle dispersion chamber. The group with no TEKTOR Shield in place differed significantly from the group with a TEKTOR Shield in place.


A Male Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet
A Male Cricketer using Tektor Shields on her Helmet


Why should you buy a Tektor Shield for you?

Tektor Shield is very user-friendly equipment. It is a lightweight object which can be mounted within seconds onto the helmet. The athletes can carry this shield anywhere. It is multi-purpose protective equipment, as it can be used for different sports.

It is quite popularly said, “Change is the only constant” and with changing times, it is important that people, businesses, and other stakeholders embrace change with open arms.

Tektor Shields has proved that there is opportunity in every problem, only if one is able to see through it. COVID-19 has been a plaguing problem for close to 18 months now and with all activities being ceased, sports was one of the first few to resume operations. With the aim to protect the players from any kind of virus, Tektor Shields introduced this revolutionary product and has certainly brought about an effective change in the world of sports.

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