Know who is the most adventurous traveler in Australia’s Women Cricket team

When Australia Women players were asked about the most adventurous traveler in the team, couple of names came up more than once. Following are their responses:

  • Rachael Haynes – Sophie Molineux and Elyse Villani. They like to get out and explore things. They get cabin fever pretty easily.
  • Ashleigh Gardner – Probably Sophie Molineux. I feel like she is pretty ruthless so she would go to all different types of places.
  • Ellyse Perry – Sophie Molineux would be pretty adventurous when she gets a chance.
  • Megan Schutt – Elyse Vilani is pretty out there. I think she do other things that other people are not willing to do.
  • Nicola Carey – Elyse Vilani. She would bungee jump and skydive and all that stuff that I would not do.
  • Nicole Bolton – Elyse Vilani. She was riding around Spain on a motorbike with Lauren Ebsary back it the day and just winging it.
  • Tayla Vlaeminck – Probably one of the older girls, maybe Pez (Ellyse Perry) or Midge (Alyssa Healy). Perry talks about going to Japan every second week.
  • Georgia Wareham – Probably, Ellyse Perry, she had been to some pretty cool places. She raves on about Japan all the time.
  • Alyssa Healy – The escapades of Ellyse Perry and Sophie Molineux are hilarious to see. So I am going with these two.
  • Elyse Villani – I actually joined them for a little camping stint. It was pretty adventurous because there was no one else there and I could not go the toilet because I ran into a Kangaroo and that was very scary.
Kanika Parineeta

‘Gully’ cricket player and close observer of Indian Cricket team and it’s matches. Straight forward and still socially admirable personality. Strong belief in teamwork and possess high leadership skills.

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