Cricket Across the World – Look Out for These Teams

When we think of cricket, we imagine something inherently British. A common belief in many West-European countries even is that it is only British people that take part in this sport. But we must not forget that British influence has had far-reaching influence in many countries across the world. 

One such influence is the sport: cricket which has achieved spectacular prominence in countries such as India and many other previous colonies who have produced cricket stars more formidable than in the UK itself. Let us look at some of the most prominent teams out there.


A Cricket bowler in action.
A Cricket bowler in action.


India – Apprentice Turned Master

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a story of the apprentice achieving a higher level of skill than their master. Especially if their master was cruel and repressive. The colonial history of India is one with many tragedies and hardships but at the end of each dark tunnel, there is a light. And in this case, if you will allow the humor, it is cricket! 

British influence in India has a long history and after independence, some of the British residues managed to linger in the country with a positive effect. Cricket has the popularity level of football in India and is enjoyed by millions. They produce some of the greatest cricket stars in the world and have several world championships under their belt. 

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Africa Beckons – Women Take the Lead

Just like with any sport there are also women’s leagues for cricket. Unfortunately, the women’s league in cricket does not often get that much attention, but one country might be able to reverse this trend. 

Uganda’s women’s cricket team has excelled in the last couple of years, performing staggeringly and gracefully. This year they are going to the Twenty20 qualifiers in Botswana to battle other formidable teams such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. 

An example of their high skill can be found in a previous match against Mali in 2019. Here, the Ugandan women’s team bowled out the Mali team after 14 runs with extras accounting for 12. They finished second in that tournament with 4 wins out of 6 matches. A pretty impressive track record opens up for the opportunity of Uganda to become one of Africa’s most feared women’s teams.

Australian Cricket – A Female Hero

Australia, being a former colony and still part of the Commonwealth, is also a country where cricket is huge. The Aussies have spawned a myriad of amazing teams and individual players that garner the attention of the whole world. 

One such amazing talent is Ellyse Perry. This year, 2021, marks her 13th on the international cricket stage and it saw her sweeping every single one of the ICC awards, a feat that not many can boast of. 

Perry had her ODI debut at the sweet age of 16 without any experience at the senior level. Regardless of that she went on to take 2 wickets and scoring 19 runs in the match. A year after Perry’s spectacular ODI debut she debuted in her first T20 match against England at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. Through her quite heroic display during the match, she became Player of the Match and garnered the attention of the whole world all at once. It is fair to say that a debut like that is difficult to replicate with the laws of cricket on your side. Keep an eye on her because Perry is far from done shining. 

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Cricket Is Alive and Well Across the World

The bottom line of this article is that wherever you go in the world, across the oceans to different continents, you will find cricket, and especially women’s cricket, in a very healthy state. Previously obscure teams performed admirably, and new, young stars rise to give the world the action and suspense it so craves.

It is very likely that during these times we will see this trend rising, more teams performing better, new stars showing up, and breathing fresh life into the sport. We have seen these indicators strongly in the women’s leagues, so it is a safe bet to say that if you are looking for top-quality playing these days, the women’s leagues are some of the better places to look for it. And this goes for all the continents. Enjoy, fellow cricketers! 

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