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While cricket is obviously your number one passion, you may be interested in expanding your sporting interests and trying out some different sports instead. Whether you are looking for something that is similar to a cricket or an alternative sport entirely, here are a few potential options that you could enjoy. 



Baseball. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Baseball. PC: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


The similarities between baseball and cricket have been closely documented. Both of them are stop-start games that involve a bowler, a batter, and several fielders. While the entirety of one team is out on the pitch, the members of the other team wait their turn to bat. Plus, these are both games that tend to be played over a longer period of time than ‘quick sports’ such as soccer or rugby. Therefore, you may well find that the jump from cricket to baseball is a short one to make. Of course, there are still plenty of new techniques to learn, which will certainly help to keep you interested. Rather than keeping the bat on the ground, you swing from your shoulder. When you are bowling, you do not have to maintain the same straight-armed technique that you do in cricket. The skills of fielding, including catching and throwing to get people out, remain largely similar. So, why not give it a go?


Tennis Players
A Tennis Player


The similarities between cricket and tennis are less pronounced, but there are still one or two links that are worth discussing. Again, they are both stop-start sports, but the points are generally more intense in tennis. If you are looking to get into tennis, now is a great opportunity to do so with a Major tournament about to take place and Australian Open tennis bets being taken. Of course, there are a lot of new techniques that you need to pick up in order to excel in the sport of tennis. Since it tends to be a one-on-one sport, you do not have the rest of your teammates to rely on – though you could start playing doubles tennis if you enjoy the spirit of camaraderie while you are playing. 

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Football Players. PC:
Football Players. PC:


If you are looking for an entirely different sport to cricket, you could try playing some football instead. Like cricket, you have two teams of eleven, but most of the similarities stop right here! Football (or soccer) is a high-intensity game that is played over a relatively short period of time. However, there are historical ties between the two sports. Both of them were created in England – though they tend to have been played by different classes. Plenty of famous cricketers still like to practice their football skills in warm-ups. If you have never tried playing before, it is certainly a sport that is a lot of fun to try out for yourself. 

While cricket may remain your main sport, taking part in any one of these three can provide some transferrable skills that you use to help you out. If nothing else, they provide an extra boost to your fitness and perhaps even a new passion.

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